Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1970's Boob Tube (They Just Don't Make Them Like They Use Too)

Our 1970's boob tube died last month. We knew that it would eventually have to go to that big appliance store up in the sky, yet it was a sad day when it finally happened. It was a mammoth boxy thing with fake wood veneer, and ugly silver plastic dials. Conspicuous looking amongst our more refined retro items that stood nearby, like my cool 1920's Westinghouse copper heater, my sleek 1930's art deco Paymaster machine and our lovely old 1950's Smith-Corona typewriter. I admit I was horrified when my in-laws gave us this old set of theirs. It was back in the 80's when we were super young, newly married and barely scraping by. The folks took pity on us, as all we had was a tiny black and white TV that I brought to the marriage, (and which I still have!) The big boob tube was a dinosaur, even back then, and just screamed ugly. My husband was in heaven. At the time, I figured it was bound to die soon, I mean how much longer could it last? And we'd either go back to the tiny old B&W, or save up and by a new set. But it didn't die soon, and after a while it just became a part of the family. And after a while longer I grew to find it beautiful in it's own hideous way! When the day came to put it out for the trash collectors, I had to turn away, I couldn't bare to watch. And when we went shopping for a new TV, I turned my nose up at every ostentatious looking big screen and flat screen I saw. Finally we settled on a small retro looking new TV, and with each passing day I like it more and more, but I know I must refrain from getting too attached, as they just don't make them like they use too.


Cicada Studio said...

Aw. It's OK. It's gone to the big appliance store in the sky and is in, no doubt, good company. Embrace your new telly... it will serve you well.
PS- Happy Birthday!

Christopher And Tia said...

My tv is no 1970's beauty, but I've had it since 1996, I want to say? So its getting up there. Its a big ugly box that takes up more room than it needs to. I know I'll be sad when it goes to hang out with your boob tube in television heaven.

xx Tia

picciolo said...

what a shame, hope you get to love your new one soon!
: )

Hey Harriet said...

That's a cute tribute to your beloved little 70s TV. You have a Smith-Corona typewriter!?! I'm SO JEALOUS!

bettyninja said...