Friday, September 25, 2015

Unexpected Surprises

This quilt started off with the idea of experimenting with making
 improv blocks based on the varied shapes of windows. 

I only planned on making a few blocks, just to play around with the concept. So, I pulled some shot cottons including chambrays and crossweave fabrics, all in colors that I wasn't particularly attached to, as I didn't want to "waste" my more favored colored fabrics. 

I figured if I liked where the idea was going, I'd switch over to other more preferred colors. 

(Although I really do dig that one dark mustard yellow, but that's ok, I just went out and got more!)

But here's what happened... each block that I made led me to think of an idea for another block...

and then all of those blocks wanted to be remade in various sizes and color combinations.

        Before I knew it, I had enough blocks to make a quilt, all in colors that I really do not care for,
        (except that mustard yellow).
And despite purple and yellow being complimentary colors, 
         I personally do not generally care for them together, 
     (with the exception of pansies)!

                                    Funny thing is, as I looked at all of those blocks together, 
I knew right away that these were exactly the right colors to use all along. 

I love how they look together!

That's one of the things I adore about improv... 
being open to unexpected surprises, 
having my sometimes straight and narrow road, tipped on its side, expanded and forever changed... 

All from one simple exercise in creativity using colors I didn't think I liked together.