Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color Inspiration: Blood Oranges

Color inspiration truly is everywhere and if you are ever in need of a quick fix, just visit your local produce supplier.

Blood Oranges. Are they not gorgeous?! I have been enjoying this delectable fruit for the last few years, and am always delighted when they become available. The deep reddish, purple coloring comes from the presence of anthocyanins, which are a type of plant pigments found in many different flowers and fruits, but generally not found in most citrus fruits.... which makes these babies extra special.

For this quilt, I used colors found in the blood oranges and for some pop and zing added some contrasting greens and blues.

I continue to be enamored by the Moda Grunge fabrics, (by Basic Gray). Love that they work as solids but have that layer of added interest, which reminds me of worn and exposed paint. (You may remember I first started using the Grunge fabrics when making this quilt in shades of off-white and brown.)

This colorful little quilt is now available in my shop here. (Now SOLD)
Hope you all have a joyful and colorful week! xo

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Wow. I did not mean to be gone from the blog for so long! It seems that I wound up taking an unexpectedly long break from sewing and haven't had anything to show. Part life, part winter, part creative burn-out.

But happily this week, the sun has been shining, my enthusiasm once again lifting, and my creative juices are slooowly starting to flow.

I managed to make two quilts. The first one is this little mini quilt. (Yes, the trip to Rincon has sparked a renewed interest in bringing some color back to my work!) I am planning on doing a small series of these little quilts... all with the intent to get back to the basics by exploring color interaction, line, and the division of space.

And previous to the quilt above, I also made this wall hanging which was inspired by the split rail fences that are frequently found in my area, as well as something I saw ...

Last week while walking down a country road near my home, I stopped to watch two horses playing and frolicking in a small, fence enclosed pasture, situated between two farm houses. On the opposite side of the road was another pasture, but this time large and expansive, and filled with rows and rows of split rail fencing, creating many enclosed areas for more horses...

The thing was, all of the fenced in areas were empty, except for one at the very farthest corner, where one lone horse stood, head hung over the fence railing, staring across the fields. He watched with a longing look at the two horses on the other side of me having a grand, old time.

I imagined how that horse wished that all the fences were broken, so that he could gallop with wild abandon over the pastures and across the road, joining in on the horse play.

And so with that horse in mind I choose to quilt this piece with stippling, (instead of the straight stitching I had originally intended). As I quilted I imaged he, (and maybe myself?) was having a grand old time knocking down fences and running free with wild abandon!

So here's to Springtime, renewed creative energy, and all good things coming alive again!