Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Stitch a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Here's another little, flowered, appliquéd mini quilt. 

Similar color pallet as the one from my last post, but with a much less traditional look.

Shot cottons and hand stitching make such a lovely marriage... they just go together so nicely.

Now available in my shop. Please see here for more information

Friday, June 15, 2012

Revisiting Love

Along with continuing to work with appliqué, I am revisiting two other loves... shot cotton and hand quilting. They both make my heart sing.

Using some relatively simple vector drawing applications that I now have on my new computer, I am now easily able to re-create whatever original appliqué designs I think up. I can then print out my templates to scale on some card stock, and get to work. I like this new, (to me) ability to virtually move things around and play with scale, design and layout before ever cutting into fabric.

The shapes have all been hand turned and then machine stitched down with a decorative blanket stitch. The hand quilting is all done free-form... just eyeball it and go! Very relaxing.

If you haven't done much hand quilting, or are just feeling rusty because its been awhile, small projects like this one are perfect to practice on.

To hang the quilt I opted not to use a hanging sleeve, (as it can add some extra bulk and isn't always the best choice for something this light weight and hand quilted). Instead I went for two little folded fabric corners, which can easily support a thin dowel rod for hanging.

A couple more of these mini quilts, in other designs, are in the works. I am finding them perfect to bring along for all those on-the-go summer activities and travels!

This little quilt is currently for sale in my shop here. (Update: Now sold.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden Party Pattern

As promised at the end of my last post, here are the photos of the finished Garden Party set.

If you remember, I began by making this flowered appliqué table runner, using the freezer paper appliqué method. I had such fun making the runner, that I decided to make a set of matching placemats...

To keep it playful, I switched up the colors of the flowers and the binding for each placemat...
now everyone can have their own!

And now, after much technology based trial and tribulation, (one broken computer resulting in lost files, replaced by one new and advanced computer, (resulting in a slight learning curve) followed by one broken printer 4 days later, now replaced by a new printer which again is requiring me to stretch my technology tired brain once again...) I have finally gotten the pattern for this Garden Party set done!

Appliqué, (something I use to do quite a bit of, if anyone remembers... Space Spores anyone?!) really lends itself well to pattern making, and after all the piece work and improvised quilt making that I have been doing the last several years, (and will keep doing) I am enjoying revisiting the creative illustrative design aspects that appliqué offers. 

I've written patterns for books and magazines before, but this is the first pattern that I have created to sell in my shop. I took a great deal of time and care to write it in a friendly conversational manner, so it would feel as if I were right there, as if in a one-to-one lesson. The pattern comes in a PDF file and is full of illustrations and photographs detailing the steps, from creating the freezer paper appliqué motifs, to laying them out, and quilting them. Helpful tips and suggestions are sprinkled throughout, as well as ideas on alternative ways to achieve different looks, including suggestions for easier and quicker quilting methods.

Along with the project directions and templates, (which once downloaded will print out at the correct size, eliminating the need to enlarge or resize)  I've also included a handy comprehensive 'Basics' guide where lots of helpful information on on sewing and quilting can be found, as well as a completely illustrated guide to sewing and attaching a continuous binding with metered corners.

All in all, I wanted my Garden Party Table Runner and Placemat Set Pattern to be something that offered the more intermediate/experienced quilter a fun project to work on, but I also wanted it to be a very user friendly pattern for any beginner quilter who is now comfortable with the basics and is feeling ready to stretch her wings and try some new things! 

For more information or to purchase, please go here.

Have a great week, everyone!