Friday, January 29, 2016

Windy Mansion Road Quilt

When we first moved to this area, one of the first road names that caught my eye was "Windy Mansion Road". The name conjured up wonderful images, and I can not tell you how many times I drove down that road, in the hopes of finding the old mansion that I imagine inspired the road's name.

Alas, no mansion was ever found, at least not by me... I imagine it fell to ruin long ago. But the name is still wonderful, and I thought fitting for this quilt, which is the 4th in my Lancaster County series, all named after local roads and inspired by my, (abstract) impressions of this area, which I have discussed so much on this blog, I will spare you all further words on that subject matter.

Made with assorted shot cottons, chambrays and cross weaves, I worked in an improvised back forth manner between log cabin and house top construction methods, 

(For new quilters, log cabin construction would be when pieces are stitched in a clockwise, (or counter clockwise) direction around a center piece of fabric. House top construction is similar, but pieces are added to the center swatch first along the sides, then to the top and bottom, 
then back to the sides and so on and so forth.)

A back and forth baptist fan quilting design seemed appropriate, echoing the idea of a windy scene. 
(Plus, I just really like quilting baptist fans lately).

I did the binding in two tones of green each pulled from the inner quilt 
and which you can see in the first full size photo at the beginning of this post.

And that's all she wrote on this one folks...