Sunday, June 29, 2014

Windmills and Silos Quilt


The plan was to make another "Raise the Barn Roof High" quilt, 
but this time around use these lovely colored shot cottons. 

But after I made the blocks, 
I couldn't help but to start playing around and rearranging them, 
and this emerged. 
Windmills and Silos. 

(Ok, the windmills are obvious to quilters, but maybe not so much the silos... but to me, right away I saw those diamond shapes as silo tops, and so I went with it!)

After several different attempts at various quilting,
(and ripping out various quilting)
I finally settled on a large stipple
using variegated threads,
I think it was the right choice.

Love, love, love these colors together!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Raise The Barn Roof High - New Quilt Pattern!

I am so excited to be able to share my newest quilt with you.
 "Raise The Barn Roof High" is a fresh and modern twist 
on the old-fashioned classic "Barn Raising" quilts.

Pretty nifty if I do say so myself!

Wonderfully vibrant colored fabrics from Marcia Derse's "Palette" collection for Windham Fabrics, 
is what I used here, but my head is spinning with other color combinations ideas. 
Oh, and wouldn't it be fun using some great prints?
Of course making a version of it in shot cottons is a must do for me!

I love the fun off-kilter half square triangle blocks, 
and how the improvised-liked grid floats in front of the concentric diamonds. 
This was another joyful quilt to make!

I thought long and hard about the quilting, listening all along to what the quilt wanted...
And it wanted spirals!

So spirals it got, and I think it was spot on a good choice, don't you agree?

But the best news is...

 I actually have made a quilt pattern for this...

So now, anyone who would like to learn how to make this quilt, will be able to do so!

The pattern is fully illustrated and along with the instructions on making the 36" x 36" quilt shown here, I've also provided all the information needed to make this quilt in a 
48" x 48" size as well as a 60" x 60" size, for those of you who like to go bigger!

Hey, I've even provided a coloring sheet in the pattern... 
just print it out and play with color combination ideas!

Pattern is available for immediate download after purchasing and can be found in my shop here:

Hope you all have a great weekend!