Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Another 8 to 18 inches of snow and ice is headed this way, and I am trying hard to find something positive in this oh, so very long and hard winter. If I don't, I fear I may go all Jack Nicholson-ish like from The Shining, (... Here's JOHNNY!!)

So, when the roads are clear for a few days between the storms, and I am driving back and forth from here to there, I look for signs of beauty, and I admit, they seem to be everywhere...  

From the ice covered trees in that top photo, 
(where the ice was so thick rainbow colors shot forth from the sunlight's reflection) 
to the wonderful jolt of golden yellow against a blue sky 
thanks to a packed corn crib along the side of the road, below.

I have been taking these photos on my not so great phone camera, 
and posting them on my newly opened Instagram site
And while the photo quality isn't great, I like the imperfection, and immediacy  of it. 
A quick, visual diary to remember the pleasant in a not so pleasant winter...

I wonder how much longer this barn will stand, 
and find it's long endurance, touchingly endearing.

And this, above... a homestead tucked way down in a frozen valley. 
I pass it several times a week, yet never noticed it until the last ice storm hit. 
The weight of the ice bent the brush low, 
allowing me a peak at a real life snow-globe that is usually well hidden away. 
What a gift.

But I admit... I still want Spring!