Friday, August 29, 2008


This is the quilt that I made a couple of days after Hurricane Katrina first slammed into New Orleans. I had so much confusion and emotion going through me as I helplessly watched the horrific images on the television. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and how our government wasn't responding.

The emotions swirled inside of me so strongly that I needed a safe way to express them. I created this quilt out of various fabrics and cut up feedsacks to reflect the chaos that I was seeing and feeling.

Emotion still raged through me once I was finished and so on the back of the quilt I took a pen to fabric and furiously wrote all of my thoughts, feelings, despair and prayers.

And now it is the 3rd year anniversary, and our government still has not adequately responded. I try very hard not to get political on this blog, but please, let us elect a new administration that will actually work for the people, not against them. This madness has got to end.

My heart goes out to the residents of New Orleans, I pray that Hurricane Gustav spares them, and I give heartfelt thanks to every private citizen who has gone and visited New Orleans to help try and rebuild it, (such as my friend Ann and her husband, who went this past May for their 2nd time with Habitat for Humanity to help build. You can read a bit about their experience here.) To those of you who have volunteered, donated money, said a prayer or lent a helping hand in any other way, thank you for keeping the faith alive, as you all represent the true spirit of America.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eames Lounge Chair Debut on NBC

Video of Charles and Ray Eames discussing their chair designs with Arleen Francis on NBC in 1956.
Towards the end of this clip their is a very cool filmstrip promoting the Eames' latest chair of the time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicken Condo

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite sites. A cool green trailer that sits in a large open field. It's a retro, luxury chicken coop condo for these free range hens!

It's so cool even the bulls want to hang out by it!

Puts a smile on my face every time I pass by!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mid Century Utilitarian

Introducing the 2nd piece in my newest line of functional art quilts. (Wow, 2 new pieces in 10 days... the devil must be ice skating!) Just like the one previously posted here, this too was inspired by mid-century design and also by those beautiful, faded utilitarian quilts, often made in the past by farm woman, from used pieces of wool and dyed indigo cloth. (Although mine is 100% cotton).

I tried to emulate the look and feel by choice of color, and simple construction. I also washed this piece as a final step in its construction to give it that puckered, aged and worn look. And just like my first quilt in this series, this one also functions both as a decorative piece of art which can be hung on the wall, and as a functional object that can be used. Available now in my Silly BooDilly Shop.

And one more "Thank You" to everyone who left comments on my last two posts, and/or sent me emails. I treasure each and every one of your responses. It is nice to know that there is so much thoughtfulness, kindness, support, love and understanding out there!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling Better

Well, I am feeling much better from my last post. The blues got a bit worse before getting better, but ultimately two things really helped to bring me out of my funk. The first thing was reading the comments left... a heartfelt thank you to those that offered comfort, wisdom, and understanding. I really appreciated all of your words.

The second thing was, I started to zero in on and identify the biggest cause of my sadness. It was feeling like I hadn't done enough with my girls as they were growing up, and longing to go back in time so that I could do it over, and better. So I made a list of all the things I wished I had done. And as I read over my list I began to realize that I HAD done all of the things I had wanted to. And not only had I done them, I had done most of them in spades. I was a hands on, down in the dirt with them, type of mom. I read books with them, I played and explored with them, I cuddled and fell asleep with them... We built forts and painted pictures and took long walks... Sometimes I got mad over stupid things, but I also talked to them, worked things out, said I was sorry, and always tried my best. So enough already with the blues. I had my time as the mother of young children, and I spent it well. Now I get to enjoy this phase of the game, and I am ready to play!

Yesterday we moved eldest daughter, (on the left) into college for her 2nd year. She has a great room, (twice the size of last year's) and a great friend that she is rooming with. Youngest daughter is to my right, she just joined the tennis team and is really looking forward to starting high school this year. I am a very proud, (and happy) mama!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where Did The Time Go?

Hard to believe that summer will soon be ending, but as eldest daughter prepares to leave for her 2nd year of college this weekend, and youngest daughter is soon headed off for her first year of high school, I have to face the fact that another summer has come and gone. I also have to face the fact that it wasn't at all what I had hoped it would be. There was no dreamy, lazy, day magic to this summer. It was pretty much hustle and bustle, with everyone going in a different direction.

The last couple of days I have been increasingly sad, as I come to the realization that our family, my little family, has changed. The dynamics are so different then just last year. We didn't seem as united this summer. There weren't lots of family dinners, or a great vacation, and only two day trips. There was no time for anything else.

As my children stop being children, and keep becoming young adults, (seemingly all too fast) creating lives of there own separate from the rest of the family, I realize I am going to have to redefine in my own mind what a family is, as well as my role in it. How do we all keep growing, evolving, shifting, yet still stay a close family? Still stay connected, even when our individual lives are starting to feel so separate? I would love to hear some sage advice from anyone who has traveled down this path before me. Not only do I feel like I need direction, but I feel like I need a flashlight and a roadmap and a tool box.

While feeling all blue and melancholy over summer not being what I had dreamed of, I found these lovely photos taken by the very talented artist Irene Suchocki. These beautiful photographic images make my soul sing as they capture what my heart longs for summer to be like.

Start Where You Are

This Way Into Summer

Summer is when ...

The Swing Set"

Letting go of time

To see more of Irene's dreamy images visit her Etsy shop isphotograpy.

In other news, the very sweet and talented Sandra Ree from Bubble Babble, recently choose me as one of several recipients to pass this award on to. Thank you so much, Sandra!

Now, I am suppose to pass this on to 7 other blogs, and as I have mentioned in some past posts, this part always sends me into a tail spin of panic. You are talking to a woman who has a hard time going to the grocery store because there are too many good choices, (I mean come on, 5000 different toothpastes!?! How does one decided!?!) That's why Hubby does 95% of all grocery shopping... but I digress... the point is I can't pick! So I will pass this award onto each and every one of you who gets up every morning, (or night, for those nocturnal folks) and steps out into the blogosphere, connecting with other like minded souls. Sharing bits of yourself, and offering encouragement to the rest of us who are trying to do the same. Thanks, you are all the best!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Design Inspiration

The sun came out today for a bit and I was able to get some slightly better photos of my new work, (thanks everyone for the very kind responses in the previous post!)

Also thought I would share what I wrote about the thinking and inspiration behind the work:

"Form and function are one"
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Lately, I have been increasingly drawn to and attracted to, mid century design. Especially architecture. I decided that I wanted to start a new series of art quilts that were both beautiful and functional. Objects, that if placed in a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, would look like they belonged.

When I was a kid, my parents took my sister and me to see Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater", (picture above). I was so enthralled by what I was seeing, both on the exterior and the interior. All the rules were broken, and everything made perfect sense. One thing that's been on my "bucket list" for a long time is to take a trip from coast to coast, stopping along the way to visit as many of Frank's structures as I can! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am finally getting some time to start some new work! This is the first in a new series of contemporary table runners/wall hangings. My original plan was to just do table runners, but then I thought "why not sew a hanging sleeve on the back, so they can also double as wall hangings?" So I did. Easy!

Please forgive this not so great photograph! It has been overcast and rainy all day. Once I can get some decent photos, I will post this baby in my shop, and hopefully will follow up with some more very soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Everyday Pleasures #13

“Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”
~Douglas Pagels

Feeling tired and stressed from all the work, and little mundane everyday stuff, I was wondering what I could possibly post for today's "Everyday Pleasures" post. I was just about to give up, when looking out of my kitchen backdoor I saw this...

As I walked across my back yard, I saw that there were two...

And even more remarkable, shortly afterwards my husband called me from his work, to tell me that he had stepped outside for a quick break, looked up into the sky and saw a double rainbow... he works 30 minutes from here... I love thinking that we both looked up at the same time and saw the same rainbow... Life is good.

And congrats to all those who who worked those brain muscles to solve the puzzle in the last post! (For those of you who didn't get it, the answer was HUG!) Beware... I plan on posting more of these!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dog Days Of Summer

Seeing as we are now in the "Dog Days of August" I thought it would be fitting to do a post celebrating Dog inspired art, found on Etsy!

Mildred Takes a Moment photograph from Jill Heupel Photography

Hand Painted Dog Bull Terrier Handmade Art Decor Mug from Boo Dog Mugs.

Letterpressed 5 Whippet Notecards from Rigel Stuhmiller.

Dachshund Dog Art The Bone Thieves from Brian Rubenacker

And here's a shameless plug for my own work, (my apologies to all who have already seen it!) ...

Gramps and Junior Embroidered Mini Art Quilt

Friday, August 1, 2008

Everyday Pleasures #12

Happy August Everyone!

Summer in Lancaster County means being able to get locally grown, fresh produce all the time! We have several great farmers markets, and farmers often sell there bounty along side the road, as well. Actually, it seems that during the summer, produce stands of one kind or another can be found on almost every back road around here!

Pictured below is what I picked up yesterday at a local road side stand, (I only wish I had had my camera with me at the time, as the beautiful plow mules were standing right next to me as I paid!)

Local yellow plums! (Yes, yellow!) These are the sweetest, most juiciest things around!

Farm fresh tomatoes, summer squash, and onions. I'll cook them up with some black beans and serve them over pasta tonight.

Lancaster County corn on the cob. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday of the week! It is the taste of summer!