Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work Quilt #4 in Progress

Yay! I have finally gotten around to starting the 4th
Work Quilt in my ongoing series...

While all of the fabric is new, this quilt is definitely inspired by the look of old, patched quilts made from worn-out work clothes.

The first layer consists of blocks that were pieced from randomly sized squares, rectangles and strips of shot cottons, in various shades of blues and grey-greens.

Pink, brown and plum threads are cross woven with the blues and the greens in these fabrics, giving them all a richness and earthiness that makes my heart go pitter--patter! (Look around... nothing in nature is made up of just one solid color... grass is never all green, dirt is never all brown... a faded white barn is really a slew of various shades... That's why I love shot cottons so much.)

Some of the pieces have some reverse applique patches... the one on the left is a quarter circle, inspired by the shape of a front denim pocket. The one on the right is a circle, inspired by a patched hole in the knee of a pair of work pants. Also, check out the faded strip of blue running down the center patch... it was a "flaw" in the cloth, and I think it's perfection!

The 2nd layer consists of machine quilting, using a straight stitch as well as zig-zag stitching. (The machine stitching is meant to symbolize both the stitching one might find in old work clothing as well as paying tribute to machine work that assists us with our labor.)

The next layer, (which I have just started and isn't shown here) consists of hand quilting, (that's to pay tribute to slow, thoughtful labor) and after that most likely there will be a 4th layer consisting of some appliqued patches, (to honor the various stages of life, love, and aging.)

More to follow soon!


In other news, I am happy to report that my youngest daughter is doing much better. The doctor saw her this morning and finally pronounced her lungs clear! Now, eldest daughter has picked up something similar. As for me I am trying to stay maternal and nurturing, but truthfully I am dodging those hacking coughs as if they were bullets. My "mystery trip" is right around the corner and I am trying my best to stay healthy for the venture! (P.S. The "Work Quilts" are going with me.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's up Doc?

Remnant #10

Hi everyone! Just popping in to touch base...

Things are still busy here. For starters, the scheduled wisdom teeth surgery that youngest daughter was scheduled for tomorrow has been put on hold due to a case of bronchitis and walking pneumonia. (Where the hell, in the middle of summer, that all came from... I have no idea.)

Remnant #11

The combination of the two have kicked her asthma back into high gear, (something we had mistakenly thought she had outgrown) ... as well as my worry, (I'm driving her nuts with my hovering). Now it's lots of ongoing meds and doctor visits to keep a check on how things are progressing. She's been a real trooper, and things are looking like they are starting to get better as yesterday she didn't need her rescue inhaler at all.

I have been keeping more then busy with other family/life details that I won't bore you with, (you are welcome!) Happily in the midst of everything I did manage to get three new Remnant pieces made, (shown through out this post, because eye candy is always good!) Stitching keeps me sane.

Remnant #12

I am also planning for an up coming trip that I think you all will find very exciting... but I don't want to give away any more information then that... at least for now. (However, I will say that it is making me both very excited and very, very nervous. Hmmm... what could it be?)

Again, I will be back when time opens up. Till then, I hope all your summer days are happy and healthy. xoxo