Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Story of The Little Elusive Brown Butterfly

The Little Elusive Brown Butterfly got his name as he is rarely seen, being of a very shy nature.

This stems from a deep seated sense of insecurity, due to the fact that when seen he is often mistaken for a moth, most likely because of his brown/beige coloring and somewhat tattered exterior. Its not easy being born a butterfly of such plain coloring, not when all the others are so magnificent in hue. Sometimes you just don't feel like you belong.

In an attempt to find a sense of belonging, the Little Elusive Brown Butterfly has tried to fit in with the moths that he is mistaken for, adopting their habit of dining on fabric.

Leaving holes that others 

must mend, 

and patch.

But all it ever does is leave him feeling both too full and too empty at the same time.

The older and wiser Butterflies say that it is just a phase and that in due time the Little Elusive Brown Butterfly will stop trying to be what he isn't. He will, through trial and error, learn to find the beauty in his own wings, discovering their own unique strength and ability. One day, he will marvel at where they will take him,  and will begin to realize that he is indeed just as beautiful and just as important as the most magnificently colored butterfly.

So, if you ever do happen to see the Little Elusive Brown Butterfly, (or anyone who seems to feel the way he feels) please give him/them a kiss and let them know they are special... 


In regards to my last post... I said that I would show the flowered applique table runner after it was all washed, (which it now is). However, I liked how it came out so much, that I decided to make a set of matching place mats, and also thought it would be a great pattern to design and offer in my shop. The place mats are almost done, and so is the pattern, (which I will be offering in a PDF version) but I am holding off on listing and posting for now, as my dear old Mac is really showing true signs of age, and I am finally accepting that I must bite the bullet and buy a new one, (which I will be doing in a few weeks). So, I will post the photos and list the pattern once I have everything new up and running, (and hopefully everything has transferred to the new computer successfully. Fingers crossed!)