Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 46th Birthday!

Today's my 46th birthday! I wanted to get some shots of Mo and I together to mark the occasion.

The pics didn't come out as I had planned... try as I might I could not get Molasses to look at the camera or stay very still, (she also kept wanting to close her eyes!)

But that's okay, I had fun trying, as it is so nice just to be with her and as always she made me laugh. What better gift is there then that? Birthdays generally make me happy, and on this one I am as happy as happy can be for my #1 birthday wish was to have my best buddy with me on this day. I am so very grateful to say that Mo's recovery from her stroke has been going really well. (The vet said that they can recover within days, but I am blown away!) I've said it before and I will say it again, she's my hero.

And as for being another year older... it is flipping weird to be turning 46, as I still feel like a kid. I can no longer pretend that 50 is some distant speck on the far off horizine... now it is big and bold and coming closer by the day. I say Yippee!! Life's a gift and I am so damn grateful for each and every birthday!!

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, 'A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!'”
-Robert Browning

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Molasses Update

Huge great big heartfelt THANK YOU'S to all who have kept Mo in there hearts and for the loving wishes left on my last post. She has gone from not being able to sit, stand or walk, to now as of this morning, being able to slowly and a bit wobbly, walk outside and around the yard a bit. Ears flapping in the breeze and tail wagging at our encouraging words. This is very bitter sweet. It is and has always been about her happiness and her quality of life She has been through so much during these past months, yet her enthusiasm for life stays so strong. Knocks me to my knees. I am watching her closely for signs as what to do, and as of now, she still seems to want to fight this new fight, (along with her cancer fight) and we will continue to stay right by her side helping her for as long as she wants. Mo and I have been camping out again in the living room, and yesterday I set up a small sewing station there in the hopes of getting some small projects done while she sleeps. xo Victoria

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayers for Molasses Would Be Most Appreciated

Dear Everyone,
After a great day yesterday, my sweet Mo has taken a sudden turn for the worse last night with what the vet feels appears to be a stroke, although he said it may also be related to her sinus tumor. If it is a stroke, there is a good chance that she may pull through this. She has been put on medication to reduce any brain swelling and we are keeping a round the clock vigil by her side. I believe without a doubt that all of your loving prayers, good wishes and thoughts for her have helped her pull through the past difficult times, and I am asking if you would all be so kind to once again say a little prayer or send a healing thought her way. She is the dearest little being I have ever known, and I greatly appreciate all of the generous kindness that you have shown to her and to myself. Thank you.
xo Victoria

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shades of Gray

Mod Square Quilted Pillow Cover In Shades of Gray...

Psychological Effect: Although often thought of as a negative color, Gray is actually the color of independence and self-reliance.

"The color of truth is gray."
- Andre Gide

“Do be do be do.”
"I did it my way."
- Frank Sinatra

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Orange Effect

"Orange is very blatant and vulgar. It makes you immediately start having feelings." -Wolf Kahn

Newest Mod Square Quilt:

Psychological Effect: Orange has been shown to have only positive affects on your emotional state. The color orange relieves negative feelings such as self-pity, lack of self-worth and unwillingness to forgive. Orange uplifts your emotions and is a terrific antidepressant.

Physiological Effect: Orange has been shown to have a positive effect on one's libido and can be beneficial to the digestive system as well as strengthen the immune system.

I love the color Orange!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun with Color!

Below are two very fun devices I came across on the web. Each one interactively illustrates the effects of color and simultaneous contrast. Click on the links and give it a try!

Simultaneous Contrast: How two colors, side by side, effect how they are visually perceived.

Click here to enlarge and move the control. Explore how your color perception of each circle is altered by increasing and decreasing the outer color "aura" around the circle.

I love this one! Click here to enlarge and move the cursor all around to change the background color. Watch instantly how it effects your visual perception of each of the colored circles! Cool!!! Call the kiddies to the screen and let them play, too!

To learn more check out this : link.

And while we are on the subject of color, I just loved reading the comments triggered by the Avocado Green/Harvest Gold post. Hearing about everyone's 1970's color scheme decorating memories while growing up, what a hoot! Here is a sample...

'Avocado green and gold wallpaper; crushed velvet gold couch and avocado green shag carpet; harvest gold wallpaper with lines of glittery gold all mingled in; orange and gold shag carpet, (which came with a rake!); green shag carpet, (which was like living with a golf course); yellow and avocado green walls; multi-orange-to-rust shag carpet; and last but not least... peach walls with bright yellow, green, & orange print fabrics!

Goodness, it's a miracle we weren't all driven to madness! Thanks so much everyone for sharing!

And here is one more funny personal '70's color combo from me... In 1972 I was 9 years old and my parents took me to see my very first concert, (Arlo Guthrie playing at the local college campus where my dad worked... how cool was that?! I still love Arlo!) Anyway, I remember what I wore that night... a bright yellow ribbed turtle neck sweater, with lavandar/purple crushed velvet pants. Talk about a color statement... I was one hip 9 year old!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold

Funny how something that once looked fresh and modern, then oh so dated and old, can in time start to look fresh and modern again.

Such is the case with that great retro color combination of avocado green and harvest gold from the 1960's and '70's! I'm sure I'm not the only ones with fond memories of growing up with this color scheme. As a kid in the 1970's, the appliances in our house were indeed avocado green, and the wall to wall carpet was harvest gold!

So if your craving some retro color love, my newest Mod Square Functional Art Quilt in Avocado and Gold is now available in my Silly Boodilly shop. And below for your viewing pleasure are some wonderful avocado and gold retro kitchen images!

You can see more of these great retro images at Retro Renovation.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Channeling Josef Albers

In the comments section of this previous post, my friend Michelle from Cicada Studio asked if I had researched Josef Albers. As much as I would love to give a resounding "yes" to this question, and wow you all with my vast knowledge of the artist, the truth is I had no idea who she was referring to. (In defense of my ignorance, please keep in mind that my last art history classes were more then 23 years ago, and my peri-menopausal hormones have made me even more forgetful of anything I might have once learned then ever before.)

Despite my ignorance, one thing I did know was that there had to be a good reason for Michelle to ask me, and so I googled him and lo and behold, I understand why she asked!

Above: Josef Albers Study for Homage to the Square

Above: My Mod Square Pillow in Shades of Orange... Do you see the similarities between his work and my new quilted Mod Squares?
(Of course you do!)

Above: Josef Albers Homage to the Square: Soft Spoken

Above and below: My Mod Square Functional Art Quilt in Blue and Green...

We even use the same colors... Freaky cool!
(Please excuse my oh-so sophisticated art speak.)

Well I am just blown away by this creative connection. Who knows, maybe I've been unconsciously channeling Albers creative spirit... if such a thing is possible. (Are you there Rod Serling?!?) All I can say is move over Frank Lloyd Wright, my new art crush is on Mr. Albers... xoxo. Thanks Michelle for the introduction! I look forward to doing my homework and learning more about the man.


A special thank you to all who left such sweet comments in regards to my Uncle Jim, and for sharing the love by passing it on. The funeral was very moving, and I was deeply touched to hear every person who spoke of him talk about his gentle kind smile, his amazing goodness towards others, his mechanical genius and his delightful sense of humor. The world was made better by his presence.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. xoxo

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uncle Jim

My very sweet and dear Uncle Jim died this week after a short but hard fought battle with cancer. Uncle Jim was my late father's youngest brother. A tall, handsome man with twinkling blue eyes and a beautiful smile, he could take anything apart and put it right back together again. His passion was vintage automobiles, which he collected and restored to perfection.

Last year Uncle Jim, his dear and devoted wife Ruth and my mother all went to Europe with a bunch of other antique car enthusiasts. He had one of his favorite automobiles shipped over by boat, where it was waiting for the three of them upon arrival, and off they went with their other car buddies, all driving in old fashioned high style throughout Europe.

I am so happy that they were able to take that final trip. My heart goes out to my Aunt Ruth who loved him so deeply. And I take comfort in imagining my Uncle Jim and my Father together again, for they were so close, and Uncle Jim had a very hard time with my Father's passing 6 years ago. Cancer took these brothers from us way too soon, each only in their late 60's, and both with much more living left to do.

And on that sad note, I ask you in honor of my Uncle Jim and in honor of all the ones that you each have loved and lost, let's each be sure to hug a family member or friend today, and to tell them how much they mean to us.

Also, please except my apologies for not keeping up with everyones blogs lately... please know that you all are important to me. I value the friendship, loving support, encouragement and creativity that we all share and I promise to visit soon. xo Victoria

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stay Tuned, Coming Soon...

In honor of Square Root Day (3/3/09) here's a preliminary sneak peak at a new quilted product line I am developing for my Silly BooDilly Shop...

Mod Squares... colorful, modern, small functional art quilts, table toppers and throw pillows, each perfect for adding a splash of fab to any home!

My goal is to make a bunch of these in various color and stitch combinations, so there will be loads of options to choose from. I have a ton of work to do in order to get there. However right now it looks as if I have some more days ahead which are already filling up with non-creative family matters and general life necessities and obligations...
but I will be working on creating my Mod Squares every spare chance I get, so stay tuned... Mod Squares will be coming soon!