Monday, November 6, 2017

American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast with Pat Sloan

Had a wonderful time talking with Pat Sloan today on her American Patchwork and Quilting podcast! We talked a bit about Lancaster County, PA, machine and hand quilting and my first introduction to quilts. You can listen to it now via this link: or catch it sometime later after it gets posted here:…/quilting-podcast Note: Unfortunately the sound quality of my interview as well as the guest that followed me was amiss and came out harsh and unclear... must have been a technical glitch. Some folks have told me they could still listen and understand but for others it has proved too difficult. Such is life. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Objects of Curiosity: Exhibits B, C & D

Continuing on with my "Objects of Curiosity" series 
that began with my last post
Above are "Exhibits C & D" but I am getting ahead of myself, 
so let's start below with "Exhibit B"...

 Another bottle is Exhibit B.
This one is clear and rectangular though.

Vintage and thrifted.

Covered in cloth and stitch.

With those porthole openings to see in, 
(or out, depending on your size).

And now onto Exhibits C & D...

A found stick and river rock.
Also covered in cloth and stitch. 
(Because that is part of the purpose, yes?)
... In a hopes of making the ordinary not so ordinary.

Because it never really was, was it? 
(Ordinary, that is.)