Monday, August 21, 2017

Union Grove Road Quilt

"Union Grove Road"

This is the 5th quilt in my slowly evolving "Lancaster County" series, 
where all the quilts are named after local roads. 
Made from assorted shot cottons. 
Machine pieced and machine quilted in a baptist fan design. 
19" x 25"

To see the other quilts from this series, please go here.

And may I just congratulate myself on actually posting 2 times this month?
(Must be the effects of the approaching solar eclipse... today's the day!)
I am sincerely trying to give this dear old blog of mine a bit more loving and attention. 
Instagram, where I post regularly, (you can find me here) has truly changed the way that I interact,
but it makes me sad when I see how little I have been sharing here.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sunflower Power!!

A few days ago I saw the most amazing photos of sunflowers, captured by a local photographer that I follow on Instagram. I asked her where this magical field was and it turned out it was just 30 minutes from home. So I grabbed my phone, and also grabbed one of my vintage cameras, an Argus 75, and off I went. Below is a tiny sample of some of the pics I got...

This is one of the pics shot through the lens of the vintage Argus. For those unfamiliar, it's a simple technique of using a digital camera, (in this case my phone) to shoot through the lens of a vintage camera, thus resulting in a vintage looking photo. All those little "hairs" are part of the "dirt" caught inside the Argus' camera's lens and it's part of the appeal of this type of photography.

Here's another one shot through the vintage camera lens.

And another. 

These last two photos shown, along with the one at the very top were just done on my Samsung phone, without the vintage camera. I love how the sunflowers seem to go on for as far as the eye can see. Being in the field felt rather magical. And though you can't tell from the photos, there were people everywhere, all taking photos and marveling in the beauty. It had a sort of "Field of Dreams" vibe to it, and it was hard to leave.

And the bees! Bumblebees were everywhere! 
And seeing as we need more bees, I think we should have fields of sunflowers everywhere. 
Good for the Earth, good for the soul, and good for pretty picture taking!