Wednesday, April 29, 2015

100 Patches: Mend Series

So far,  2015 is proving to be an experimental and contemplative time, in the creativity department. 

I'm spending much time thinking, sketching and reflecting, 
as well as playing with new ideas, revisiting old ideas, and continuing to explore various textile arts, 
(like punch needle, which I will share more of in future posts!)

Patch #1

One of the avenues I am exploring is an old one... 
the idea of patches, mending, and working small.

Patch # 2

To make it more challenging and give it a bit more life, 
I decided to set a goal of making 100 patches.
The only other criteria is that they all be the same size 
which is working out to approximately 5.25" x 5.25".

Patch #3

I don't have a definitive time frame, but do plan on working on them consistently, 
weaving them between other projects.

Patch #4

I also don't have any plans for what to do with them...
for now, I am just thinking of keeping them as a point of reference.

Patch # 5

I'm looking forward to:
~ seeing how long it all takes,
~ how they will morph and grow
~ how they all will look together when done

And ultimately,
~ what they will teach me

Patch #6

There above, are the first 6 patches. 

I am keeping track of what order they are made in 
by stitching small hand typed labels to the back, 
(sort of specimen style!)

I'll post others as they develop.