Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet and Simple

The items are sweet and simple, the blog post is short and sweet...
(as well as one more shameless and self indulgent plug!)

Pincushion Pillows

Mini Patchwork Quilt

With very simple piecing and the help of some good 'ol solids, the patchwork mini quilt and the 3 pincushion pillows were all easily made using just 1 fat quarter of my Posie Party fabric. All the stitched items shown are also available in my BooDilly's shop!

And speaking of sweet, (and self indulgent!) enjoy your Trick or Treating! (Hopefully it's all treats and no tricks!)
Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Open For Business!

Yippee! My new designs arrived in the mail late yesterday afternoon from Spoonflower, and I am pleased to announce that my BooDillys shop is now revamped and reopened for business selling my original fabric designs!

Blue Bells


Posie Party

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Orange Grove

(Also available in the shop are my Marrakesh Mix and Moroccan Medley fabrics.)


Good News! I'm starting to feel much better physically and am now trying to play catch up with all my projects. I am so behind in my sewing. Happily I did find time to use some of my Marrakesh Medley to make a quick and super easy table runner:

Wishing Everyone a super-duper weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shot Cotton

Here's a peek at what I am currently working on. It's a small quilt inspired by old, patched work quilts.

I'm using shot cottons, which are probably my favorite of all fabrics.

They are woven with two colors, one for the weft and one for the warp. This creates great subtle shifts in color as the fabric moves and the light hits it.


By the way, the photo of my daughter from the post below was taken at the White Chalk Cliffs at Brighton-on-the-Sea, England. And yes, my heart momentarily stopped when I first saw it, as my head screamed, "Are you CRAZY! What the $#@^%!! are you doing up there!!??!!" But then my fear was replaced with tremendous pride. I admire people who live full lives.

Thanks also, for continued well wishes. I have good days and bad days and a heating pad is my constant companion when sitting or lying. Ben Gay and I are getting to be pretty good friends, too! Back is slowly improving, but shoulder keeps wanting to pop and dislocate with even the slightest movement, (ouch). Taking it a day at a time. But today's a good day. After a week of rain the sun is shining. Sometimes that's all you really need!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

On Top of The World!

How's this for living large?
That's eldest daughter up there!
I, sitting here,
far, far away,
am in total awe.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Breaks Are Boring!

First off, blog breaks are boring!

Doing a bit better, but still having some problems with the 'ol back and sitting comfortably for even short periods of time proves very uncomfortable. The right shoulder is still being ornery, too. (Thanks everyone for your sweet words and suggestions!)

Chiropractor suggested 4-6 weeks of physical therapy 2x a week... my wallet thought different. So, I have been doing exercises that he gave me, at home, to try and get things back on track. (No pun intended!)

Happily as of last night, I am finally feeling some relief for the first time. Hope to make the rounds and visit blogs this week. I miss seeing what everyone is up to!

The new fabric I had printed at Spoonflower came the other day, and it was so much fun to see it in person! The coasters in the picture above were easily stitched up using the "Marrakech Mix" design. (Try as I might I can't get the green and orange to show up clearly in the photos... they just sort of blend in with the yellow... in person the colors are much clearer and distinct.)

Marrakech Mix:

Moroccan Medley:

And for anyone who is curious, here's my plan... as soon as I am feeling better, I am currently in the process of switching my BooDilly's vintage de-stashing Etsy shop, (which did very nicely the past year, but which I have grown bored up keeping) to a shop selling some of my new fabric designs. (Please tell me you think that's a fine idea and that I am not being delusional playing fabric designer!)

More new fabric, from 5 designs that I did the other week but didn't show, have now been ordered and are on their way. Here's a peek at what they will look like... (Click on the pic for a better view.)

Well, I hope you all like what you see...
(Feel free to lie if you don't.)
Time to go stretch and exercise now, as I have been on too long, and can now feel my back starting to seize up, (damn, damn, damn). I am getting very frustrated.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Back Blog Break

So sorry for the lack of blog posts and for not visiting everyone else's blogs as much as usual... I have been having upper back and right shoulder issues and finally went to see the chiropractor. Seems that the muscles between my shoulder blades have shut down! They aren't working at all at the moment and my upper shoulder muscles are in over-drive. This all has caused my right shoulder to become slightly dislocated. Dr. feels the cause is most likely from working at the computer for long periods of time. Ugh! So, while I work at trying to get myself back in good working order, I am taking as much of a break from the computer as I can... cutting down temporarily wherever it isn't absolutely necessary.

I have new things I want to share, (the Spoonflower fabric I ordered is on the way, plus I have a new quilt with a new look, in the works). So, I hope to be back soon. Till then, take care!