Friday, May 13, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog Break To Bring You "Big Thread Love" - Part 2

Yes, I know I am suppose to be on a blog break...

but when a large box filled with these beautiful threads arrived in the mail today, I knew I had to post about them.

The wonderfully generous folks of Sulky® have done it again! Some of you may remember that last year I contacted them to let them know how much I loved their line of cotton threads, and even though they are generally marketed for use in the machine, they are my favorite thread to hand stitch with. They were so receptive to my work, they sent me the first half of their gorgeous Sulky Cotton Blendables... 42 spools! (You can see the original post and threads here).

Well, today they sent me the second half of their Cotton Blendable collection... another 42 spools of spectacular color and possibilities! These lush 100% cotton threads are made in Italy and come in an array of mouth watering color combinations, in both a 12wt and a 30wt.

Here they all are, and after I play with them a bit, arranging them in different color combinations and stacking them in pretty ways, (is that weird? I can't help it, they make me feel like a kid at Christmas!) I will be putting needle to new thread and play some more!

So without further ado, back to my self imposed blog break, which I still need. Youngest daughter got her drivers license last week, and this week she was already in her first fender bender. Yes, it was her fault. Thankfully no one was hurt, except for some minor injuries to her car and some to her pride. The other party, (who happened to be the mother of one of eldest daughters best friends... here's to living in a small town) was incredibly kind and gracious to her. Hopefully a major lesson and new found respect for the true power of an automobile has been etched forever in her young mind. Eldest Daughter's college graduating events begin tonight and wind up tomorrow. Then we move her out of her dorm and back home, but only to then move her right out again in one week and into her very own apartment, which will be in a town closer to where her job will be. A trip to Ikea where we will help her outfit her new digs falls in between. As Hubby and I approach our 25th wedding anniversary, and the girls continue to reach these milestone events, I hold my breath and say my prayers, and look back on this patchwork life we have somehow stitched together. It has all gone by so quickly, (despite the individual days sometimes feeling torturously long) I am amazed by it. Each patch, all sewn together into this family life. I want to reach my hand out and stroke it, hold it near, remember it all.

Happy wishes to each of you and the patchwork of your life. xo

Sulky is a registered trademark of Sulky of America.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Between the Moments

Just like many of you I work from home, in between moments of family life, and sometimes family life gets so full there is no time, (or energy) for much anything else...

I know I promised that in my next post, (which being the math whiz that I am, would be this one) I would be sharing a quilt inspired by red barns. Well, that quilt and other creative pursuits got temporarily put on the back burner this week as home and family have been furiously tugging at my skirt hem, needing my full attention. By the looks of things, the rest of May and beginning of June is going to be a very busy month with the continuing needs, (as well as celebrations) of home and family life. No worries. All is good, just busy.

So, I'm taking a short blog break in order to better tend to what needs tending, and celebrate what deserves to be celebrated, (Eldest daughter graduating from college, youngest daughter getting her drivers license and turning 17, Hubby and I reaching our 25th wedding anniversary... much to be thankful for.)

I intend for stitching to be nurtured and honored along with everything else, and after the days get back to a more balanced flow, (and less "hamster on the wheel") I will be back to share.

P.S. Many Thank You's for the positive feedback on the quilt from my previous post. I so very much appreciate it. xo