Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Love

This is Baby LuLu and Baby Alfie. Both are very gentle and oh so child friendly... made of vintage table linens, which I quilted all cuddely, and then lovingly free-motion machine stitched all the details with dark brown thread.

I gifted baby Alfie to a friend who is expecting her first child, (a baby boy) next month, but here is a little info on him anyway:

Extreme pacifist...
Has yet to utter a word...

Can sit for hours, perfectly content, in a field of buttercups...
Very observant.

Baby LuLu is a bit sad now that Alfie has gone to live elsewhere, but hopefully she will be adopted soon. Here's a little bit about her...

Baby LuLu:

Likes ginger flavored zwieback...
hearing stories about Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt...

and trees, especially Oaks.

Baby LuLu is available in my Silly BooDilly Shop.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Fabian often dreams...

That he is on the Most Wanted List...

...of every hot-blooded Female in the world!

Introducing... the one, the only, the original Mr. Cool...


- His real name is Dwayne Yoder, but he won't admit this to anyone, except to his employer and the IRS.

- Wishes he was English and often talks with a phony English accent.

- Works weekdays as a waiter and plays the drums every weekend in a Journey tribute band, gig or no gig... (usually there's no gig).

- Considers himself a real ladies man, and dreams of someday owning his own boat, and sailing the 7 seas, with a girl waiting in every port, (check out his snazzy vintage sailor button... helps him to remember his true life's ambition).

To learn more about Fabian, his construction and special features, click on the link... (Okay Ladies, I know Fabian is a real stud muffin, but it's time to collect your wits and stop your swooning!)


One more thing... I really got a lot of enjoyment from my last post when some of you picked which odd sister you were most like, personality wise. I just thought that was wonderful and I thank you for sharing! Of course some of you have figured out that I share a bit with each of the four sisters, but for the record I am most definitely like Odd Elsie and Odd Sally!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Odd Sisters

These are the Odd Sisters...

Odd Elsie:

strong work ethic,
has trust issues,

Odd Sally:

Enjoys secretly following people,
could live on cornbread and lemonade,
believes everything is a conspiracy, and likes it that way.

Odd Lenore:

Strong as a horse,
likes fast cars, smoky pool halls and beef jerky,
kindhearted and generous.

and Odd Nancy:

never forgets a face,
enjoys reading murder mysteries and eating eggplant, (uncooked).

Each one was lovingly made from red quilted fabric and vintage textile remnants including a bit of lace, a piece of linen, a small button and a cutting of flowered fabric. Details are stitched and "drawn" with needle, thread and machine.

The Odd Sisters are individually available in my Silly BooDilly shop... Now go and celebrate whatever makes you odd. It also makes you special. xo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Quilts, BABY!

I was very excited last week when the mail carrier brought me my preview copy of the new Quilts, BABY! book, published by Lark Books and edited by Linda Kopp. I am so happy to be one of the artists included in this truly delightful book, due to be released in May. Loaded with fun baby quilting projects, including blankets, crib bumpers, and art work for the nursery, the projects are hip and fun! The whole layout from writing to illustrating is just wonderful!

I have three small embroidered wall hangings featured in the book, shown on pages 107 to 113. (That little baby photo is me!)

I adore the illustrations found throughout the book.

These are photos of my three featured quilt projects...


"Morning Glory"

"Ho Jo Space Spores"

And don't feel you have to have a baby in your life to enjoy this book. I think all of the projects, techniques, and ideas in Quilts, BABY! could be enjoyed by any age. It's a wonderful resource for anyone just starting to get their tootsies wet in the world of quilting, and great inspiration for experienced "swimmers" as well!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Doll Therapy

I'm not sure if it has been the on again off again worry of Mo being sick, weather that refuses to stay warm and sunny for more then a day, or just the steady stream of daily hard times hitting America, but I have been struggling with keeping my spirit up. However, I am really finding simple joy in creating little stuffed beings...

This is Clair. She was created when I free-motioned stitched her, doodle style, onto a piece of light gray fabric which I had quilted and washed earlier. Clair enjoys clementines, lilacs, poetry, and feeding the birds that visit her yard.

I like the underlying design of the quilted fabric, and forgot until I did her how much I enjoy drawing with the sewing machine.

And as promised in my last post here is Sam the Dog's friend, Bebe the Bunny...

Bebe the Bunny:

Extremely loyal.
Devoted friend.
Occasionally over indulges in fermented carrot juice.
Dreams of someday being Mrs. Barry Manilow.

Carrot is detachable, it slips on and off like a bracelet.

Rear view!

Both Clair and Bebe are available in my Silly BooDilly Shop.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sam the Dog

First off, thanks so much all of you who left happy birthday wishes for me in my last post. Each one was a gift in itself and they all put a smile on my face!

Since Mo had her stroke, (she's still doing good, but the med she was on caused her blood to thin which caused her sinus tumor to start to bleed a bit...) I have moved my sewing from my normal work space into the living room, so as to be close to her while she continues to recuperate. This small move totally shifted my creative energy. While I still have some unfinished Mod Squares to complete, my head rebelled against them, and insisted I do something just for fun. And that is how Sam the Dog came to be.


Well read.
Good sense of humor.
Enjoys organic gardening and an occasional good smoke.

Sam began his life when I free-hand cut into a piece of cloth which I had earlier quilted and washed, (to bring outs it's cuddly texture). His features were cut from more of my quilted cloth and securely hand sewn down and embellished with embroidery floss. Because he's hip he insisted on two turquoise colored earrings. To be kind, I obliged.

10.5" tall from toe to tip of ear. He can't wear his heart on his sleeve because he has no arms... so he wears his heart on his hip.

Sam is soft, lovable and sewn with great care. Suitable for young and old.

He hates baths, so if you adopt him, please be kind and promise to only spot clean him.

I am working on Sam's friend, "Bebe the Bunny" and will introduce you to her soon. xo

NOTE: Sam has now been adopted to a good home!