Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Molasses BooDill - December 25th 1996 to July 21st 2009

Gentle, sweet, silly.
Devoted companion.
Protector to wild bunnies.
Showered love on all who met her.

She was my best friend.
I will love, miss and cherish her memory all the days of my life.


With deep gratitude, thank you so much, to each and everyone of you throughout these last days, and this last year, who has reached out and offered a kind thought, loving words, or a heartfelt prayer for Mo and me. I have been very touched. It is without a doubt that you helped to uplift us and carry us. I felt it and I know Mo did, too.

Letting go of Molasses has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do.
I need to take a little time off. I will be back in a bit.
xo Victoria

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We have made the difficult and painful decision to let Mo go.
The scales have tipped and the quality of her life is rapidly declining.
We see her slipping away more and more each day and I feel that she is only hanging on out of devotion to us.
She is very tired and no longer seems as happy, and I cannot bear the thought of her suffering because of us.
Her appointment is on Tuesday. I am spending this time trying to prepare myself, the family and of course dear Mo.
Saying goodbye to her is very hard.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two Black Leaves

Well, I enjoyed making my last mini quilt so much, (thanks for the lovely comments!) I just couldn't wait a whole week to make another one... so I guess we can call this "Wee Quilt Wednesday" just for fun!

I wanted this piece to look as elegant in its simplicity as a lovely black and white photograph that was matted and framed, but of course it's all fabric.

Just like the bird print in my last post, this leaf fabric came from Ikea, too. I hoped that the close line quilting would give the leaves a feeling of movement.

Two Black Leaves is currently available in my Etsy shop.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini Quilt Monday - Two Birds

I have been meaning for some time now, (but keep forgetting) to start participating in "Mini Quilt Monday" which was started by the talented Malka of a stitch in dye. Finally, the brain cells kicked in, I remembered, and made this little quilt.

The bird print, which I adore, is from Ikea.

Two Birds is now available in my shop.

You can check out more mini quilts and join the fun over at Mini Quilt Monday's Flickr group.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Of Moss and Muslin... The Birth of a New Art Quilt... Finally!

Inspiration has been low for me lately. I keep looking for a new direction but keep hitting dead ends...

But then this little lightening bug showed me the way...

I spotted her the other day crawling on a planter. I was taken by how her clay colored head was the same color as the clay pot, and at how vibrant the bright green moss was. This led me to look up and notice the moss growing on the tree trunk...

Which led me to impulsively run in the house grab some plain muslin fabric, soak it with the hose and rub it all over the tree trunk, (reason #325 the neighbors think I am a kook.)

While I was at it I also rubbed in some clay earth and a couple of decaying mushrooms...

After baking the wet and stained fabric in the sun, rinsing it well with the hose, hanging it to dry, and heat setting it with an iron, this is what I had.

And from there I started to quickly cut and sew my new stained fabric with plain muslin...

The colors faded a bit after a final wash in the machine... but I love the subtle shifts, how they melt into each other. I like the quietness of this quilt. It is very much in line with how my life feels currently.

There was never any question in my mind as how it should be quilted.

The understated colors work great with the densely quilted lines.

The backside is plain muslin... I like this, too. Just texture.

Due to the fact that I am unsure of the long term light fastness of the colors, I have decided to not put this one up for sale. I need to do more experimenting and testing before I felt comfortable. This also gives me a good excuse to keep it as I have just the spot in my not too sunny, pale green foyer to hang it!

Mo and I really and truly appreciate all the continued loving thoughts and wishes shared with us from the last post.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. xo

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mo Wishes You All a Happy 4th!

We will be staying home and enjoying some simple family time...
a picnic and a little croquet.
Mo loves a watching a good game of croquet!
(No going out to see fireworks as we don't want to leave Mo alone.)

As for Mo... she is still hanging in there, despite the ever growing sinus tumor which now distorts her snout, a constantly runny and sometimes bloody nose, and a slew of infections due to a suppressed immune system.

Her mood remains amazingly positive.

I on the other hand have been feeling very blue over Mo. It is so hard watching someone you love be so sick, (it has been a year now) and truthfully, dealing with the daily care can take a toll on one's energy and mood. However, just when I think I can't deal with much more, (of which I feel much guilt over) Mo gives me one of those looks... a goofy smile, a wag of the tail, a twinkle in her eye and my heart melts with love and renewed energy.

We take care of each other.