Friday, December 30, 2016

Reflections, Thankfulness, Creativity and Faith

Not my favorite year. 

Personally we had some set backs. Jobs were lost, income was decreased, youngest daughter had some health scares in the beginning of the year and a few days before Christmas found herself unsuccessfully swerving to avoid hitting a car that ran out in front of her. Car was totaled and we were unsure as how she would get home for the Holidays. In 2016 my husband lost his father, and collectively we lost many icons that we grew up with or who helped to shape our culture. And thus, mortality on this planet that we call home, has stared us in the face in a way most of us find unsettling. My creativity, or time to create was diminished, my candidate didn't win and my hopes for a safe, secure and happy future have been challenged more then ever before.

Ok. So what's to be thankful for? 
My oldest daughter celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary with a man she loves deeply, and who we all love as well. My youngest daughter graduated from college and found a great job in Virginia

Her earlier health scare wasn't as bad as it could have been and she thankfully walked away from that car accident with just whiplash. Her best friend's schedule allowed her to be able to drive  
the 5 plus hours to get her and bring her back home for the holidays. My husband got to spend some quality time with her as they went car shopping and she will be driving back to Virginia in a beautiful brand new car that she got a great deal on. 

Employment was found, albeit at less income but thankfully at less stress, 
and my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. 

(I have better photos of our wedding, 
but I always liked this candid shot of after the ceremony and before the reception.)

While creative time and output was decreased, I still did create. My quilt stitching can be found on previous posts from this year, and I am happy to report that the hand pain has diminished enough that I've even been sewing, (and listing for sale) some quilted fabric beads again...

I also continue to take photos, (and post on Instagram
of the beautiful old worn and weathered barns and buildings in my area... 

I am happy to report that I have slowly, but FINALLY, put aside my fears and anxiety over picking up paintbrush and putting paint to paper. After a almost 30 year hiatus, I am allowing myself to simply play again, no pressure, and oh it feels so wonderful and brings me the most centered calm...

I began with some little leaf and nature studies...

And recently have been exploring some little paintings based on my barn photography...

And while my personal anxiety has often risen this year over diminished hopes and dreams for our  futures, both personal and collective, I try to use that to strengthen the very thing that seems to have weakened.... my faith. It has given me the very thing I need to chew on and contemplate and decide. I am determined to restore it and increase it, and I am looking forward to marching in Washington this January with my daughters and sister in the Women's March on Washington.

Here is to 2017, may it surprise us with unimagined blessings and graces. 
Love, peace and best wishes to us all. xoxo