I am drawn to line, shape, color and texture and I enjoy exploring these elements through fabric, stitch and occasionally paint. 

Much of my inspiration comes from where I live in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I am constantly inspired, on a daily basis, by the grace of the aged lines and odd shapes found in the very old, worn and weathered barns and farm structures that abundantly dot the surrounding countryside. (Although more and more are falling away to severe neglect and once they are gone they are gone forever.) The ever changing beauty of the  farmland itself, from the earthy colors that change with the seasons, to the lines of a freshly plowed field, to vistas where swatches of grass, hay, soybean, corn and dirt join to create a patchwork effect that rolls over hills and down valleys... all of it fills me awe and sparks my imagination.

Along with these lovely everyday inspirations, I have also gathered inspiration along the way from  old utilitarian quilts, Japanese boro, Indian kantha stitch work, Korean pojagi, America folk art and outsider art, abstract art and mid-century modern design.

Using simple materials I explore all of  these elements and inspirations, funneling and channeling  them through my own unique perspectives and sensibilities, striving to create beautiful and well constructed pieces. It is my sincere hope that when others view my work they feel a connection and a spark to something deep within themselves and know that they are not alone, and that through creativity; whether by the act of making or the act of appreciating, exists a thread that connects us all... to each other, to our collective pasts and to our hopeful future.

Molasses BooDill 1996 - 2009
The Original Silly BooDilly
and for whom this blog's 
name was inspired by.