Saturday, May 15, 2021

Story Fragments

I've collected old found photos for years. I guess what appeals to me the most is their mystery. With no clue as to who these folks were, my imagination is sparked and I can fill in the story to my liking. I always feel a responsibility as well to these unknown faces... it makes me so sad that their family photos found their way into junk shops, flea markets, antique stores... discarded because no remaining family member wanted them or even remembered them?

I want to honor these forgotten people, and what better way to do that then add them to artwork? Shown here are pieces from a new series called "Story Fragments". Because each of these photos is really just a tiny fragment representing someone's life, I've coupled each photo with other small fragments... bits cut from vintage grain sack cloth and old quilt pieces, as well as small bits of vintage book cloth, and antique fabric prints gathered from deconstructed old quilts, too worn for repair, (but with so much soul embedded in-between their fibers). 

Each piece is really a small quilt, (top, batting and backing) and each has been mounted via hand stitch to a piece of 140 lb watercolor paper. If interested you can click on the "Details" link below each piece for more detailed pics and availability info. I hope each of you are well and as always wish you all the very best. xo