Friday, October 29, 2010

Pojagi Style Scarf

Remember the several pojagi pieces I did a few months back? Well, besides using pojagi construction techniques to create runners and window panels, you can also use them to create a lightweight scarf.

Because it's just one layer of fabric, and all of the seams are finished on both sides, it's perfect for wearing indoors, (as well as out) and both sides can be displayed. (I have a tutorial for how to machine stitch two types of Pojagi seams here

Remember, lightweight fabrics work best. For this scarf I used a Kaffe Fassett ikat, and two complimentary shot cottons, (also Kaffe Fassett's) which are very light weight, (whereas the ones from Robert Kaufman's Carolina Chambray collection are a quilters weight).

And speaking of shot cottons, I have received a lot of questions as to where to find them. Alas, it seems to be getting harder, and quilt shops don't seem to be carrying them, (many have never even heard of them). Your best bet is to just do a simple google search, and you should be able to find various on-line places to buy. You may need to shop from several places, as many times you can only find some here and others there. Hoping more shops and vendors start stocking up on these gorgeous and versatile fabrics!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big Scout Project

Today is my wonderfully creative and entertaining, big sister's 50th birthday. (Happy Birthday, Jean!)

It's also the day that she launches her fabulous Big Scout Project, and invites everyone to join in and follow along on this marvelous adventure. (Please, click on that link and check this out!)

The geniuses for this project began when Jean found herself through unexpected circumstances alone on a beach with only her little dog Frieda to keep her company. Wanting to build a campfire, she soon realized that although she had been a Girl Scout years ago, she had no idea any more how to get those flames a-going.

After many unsuccessful tries, she finally did, and spent the rest of the evening pondering the stars and wondering what other bits of useful skills and knowledge she had forgotten, (or simply never learned) in the years from scout to grown-up. It was then and there that she determined to, one by one, go through and complete each badge requirement, and see if by the end of it she was a more well-rounded and capable individual.

In Jeans own words, this project is about "... a vehicle for those of us who’ve become so specialized in our work and what we do, that we’ve forgotten to explore other ideas and disciplines—or we’ve put them to the side for want of time. To put it another way, can we re-learn how to live a “wide” life?

It’ll be a tap on the shoulder to those of us who are perfectly fine within the confines of our own comfort zones, thank you very much—even though there’s that little voice inside that says maybe even a little change would do us some good.

And finally, it’ll be a reminder for all of us who just miss having the kind of fun we used to have – or should have had — when we were kids.

Wanting to be held accountable just like a real scout, she has selected three virtual team leaders, (of which I am one) to make sure that she has indeed done the requirements to earn each badge; along with a selected group of experts that will help teach and guide her on certain areas of expertise.

I personally am really excited about this, and think, under my sister's fun, enthusiastic and out-of-the box originality, it has the potential to be something great; encouraging us all us to reconnect with all the potential that we once held and still do!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yukata Table Runner

I have finally finished this latest Yukata cloth table runner. (This striped Yukata cloth is a type of Japanese fabric that is traditionally used to make men's kimonos. You can see other ones that I have made here and here.)

Despite the fact that it is entirely hand quilted with approximately 7000 stitches, (no, I didn't count them all... I do have a life! I just counted one row and multiplied it by the number of other rows.) ...I am still not sure why it took me soooo long to complete. (I've done more extensive hand quilting on other pieces that seemed to take me a fraction of the time.)

With this one, I felt like no matter how much I stitched on it, there were always lots more rows to go. It began to remind me of some nightmare where the hall you are walking down just keeps getting longer and longer, with no end in sight.

Because it was such a bugaboo, I've decided to keep this one for myself. :0)

P.S. That old scale with it's original weights, was just given to me the other week by my aunt. It had belonged to my Greek immigrant great-grandparents who used it to measure out candy in their confectionary shop in Baltimore, Maryland. Pretty cool, huh?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilting Arts Boro Bobble How-to

With everything that has been happening at home this last month, I plum forgot to let everyone know that you can find my instructions on how to make your own "Boro Bobbles", in the current issue of Quilting Arts magazine, (Oct./Nov. 2010) :o)

It's a great little project for anyone who likes to use every tiny bit of their favorite fabrics, mine of course being shot cottons. However, I also think these would be lovely made from various toned muslins, wools, or maybe even dupioni silks. What do you think? (If anyone decides to give them ago, please feel free to send me a photo, as I'd love to see what yours look like!)

And for anyone who would like some Bobbles of there own, but isn't so inclined to make them, I still have some in my shop, (here and here) and will be posting more in the weeks to come.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Color Weave Work

Note: Rain came today, and remains in the forecast for the next several days, but after a 2 week blog hiatus, (that actually felt much longer) I was anxious to get the following work photographed and posted... so please excuse the non-too stellar quality of these shots.)

Fall has finally come, and I think it's obvious that the season's arrival has had a strong influence on my color pallet...

Color Weave #3 is now available in my shop.
(Note: Now Sold.)

And to keep things interesting, I made another fall inspired "Color Weave", but this time I folded it up and made a...


With a beautiful hand made ceramic button, from my friend Maggie,

and modeled here by my youngest in her oh, so snazzy purple jeans,
the clutch is roomy enough to hold a sketchbook/journal and supplies...

This Color Weave Artisans Clutch is also now available in my shop.


In other news... Thank you all for the sweet well wishes and thoughts. My husband was able to stay with his mother for one week, as she amazingly held on, defying the doctors and the Hospice workers earlier predictions that she only had a day or two left. He reluctantly left at the end of the week, as he had to get back to his job 8 hours away. My Mother-in-Law passed away later that same evening. While this has been very sad, and she will be missed, we are relieved to know that she is no longer suffering. Now, go hug all the people you love, breath in some fresh air, marvel at birds flying by, (or stars in the sky) and smile.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lark Crafts Quilt Festival!

All during the month of October, Lark Crafts is featuring a Quilt Festival on their blog. Full of free quilt projects, interviews with quilt designers, and lots of fun quilting inspiration!

Ho Jo Space Spores

And guess who is their first featured artist? That's right, yours truly!

Morning Glory

To make things even more sweet, they are offering 3 FREE projects of mine, that were featured in their book Quilts, BABY!

Click on this link to read the interview and to learn how to make my 3 "Space Spores Trilogy" quilts shown here!


Happy Quilting!


On a more serious note... In regards to yesterday's post, many heart felt good wishes to all of you for your kind words. Please know that I am not always, (although I wish I were) such a "look at the glass half full" kind of gal. In fact I am often the complete opposite and know very well how to throw a full blown pity party for myself.

But sometimes, when everything is raining down on you at once you just have to give in, let go, and count your blessings, for which I have many. Unfortunately sometimes it takes the act of dying to fully embrace the gift of living.

xo Vic