Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tiny Works in Paint and Stitch

Working tiny is so satisfying. 
Below are a few Spring inspired tiny projects I've been working on in both paint and stitch...

Little bird and bunny studies I did around Easter.

Some pretty little embroidered beads with cornflower blue flowers.

A little mouse house complete with a mushroom chimney.

Another trio of pretty little beads, this time with pink blooms against an aqua background.

Four little imaginary birds, each perched inside their own 2" x 2" square.
(I think they each reflected the mood I was in when I painted them.)

More spring time blossoming beads. 
Obviously, this style with the flowering vines are fast becoming my favorites to make!

                                 And if Mrs Mouse gets a house, then so does Ms. Ladybug!

And speaking of tiny...

When my youngest daughter came home for Easter she asked me to accompany her in getting her first tattoo. She had been thinking for sometime about getting these words, "You inspire me." placed on her arm. They come from a letter written to her, about her, by my father when she was 8 years old and shortly before he passed away from cancer. She has carried that letter with her ever since, holding on to the lovely things he spoke to her in his written words. The tattoo artist captured my father's handwriting precisely, right down to the tiny hook on the "u" and that tiny curl on the "s". I was beyond honored to be asked to witness this. I know that when my dad wrote those words to her, he hoped with all his heart that they would whisper his love for her, for all the passing years she would grow up without him around. Now they truly are a part of her, and I think he too, would be honored.