Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Retro Space Love

Below are a couple of wonderful, retro, space theme flea market finds:

This is the cover of a children's book written by Marcia Martin, illustrated by Frank Vaughn and published by Wonder Books in 1953.

Here is a picture from inside the book illustrating the hero, Tom Corbette, who magically appeared one night with his trusty rocket ship named Polaris, to whisk little Johnny and little Janie off to the moon, for a fun-filled night of space exploration!

Above is the cover of a needle book which was made in Japan and distributed by the William Shaland Corporation. Below is a close up of the illustration.


Megan said...

How great are these?!

Kim said...

Ok you're making me crazy... are you coming to visit for Sputnikfest? There will be an indie craft fair!

Victoria said...

Hmm, I am very tempted!

I see that the festival is being held next year... which is good, because it gives me enough time to plan my escape.

I will call home once I arrive in Manitowoc, and tell them that while doing yard work, I was abducted by space aliens, who after growing weary of my endless questions of what life is like on their planet, and could I please fly the saucer, decided to ditch me and dropped me off at Sputnikfest!

Kim said...

Sounds like the absolutely most perfect plan ever!