Monday, October 8, 2007

Collage Cottages

The spool of thread helps show the scale and size of this little paper cottage.

The cottage was constructed the same as the ones in the previous posts, but instead of cutting out windows and a door, I simply collaged everything.

Old papers, and brown shoe polish cover the outside. Photo copies of old photos, touches of paint, and words cut from old books are added.

The roof is enhanced with a bit of glitter and some copper tape.

The cottage below is a combination of the one above and the one from my previous post.

The windows and door were drawn on.

Old photo copies were collaged all around.

Silver glitter glue was added to create the window panes and doorway.

Text from an old book helps to tell a little story of the children who live in the house.

For an extra hidden touch, a small bell can be dropped inside the house, before the roof is put on. This makes for a fun little surprise when the houses are picked up!


yours truly said...

Love your little houses! They are so gorgeous! I'd like to move into one, actually. What a fun place to visit! I must come back.

saffron said...

I love your houses! Thanks for sharing the tutorial on them. Your blog is very enjoyable and I'll be back!!

Vintage Indie said...

I love these, absolutely adorable!