Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Happy days are here again, as I finally have figured out how to add a link to my post! (t took me long enough to catch on!)
Check out the two links below for some Halloween treats!

The plastic vintage witch head, as well as the plastic vintage cat head, both started life as cupcake toppers! My friend Maggie, Happy Silence bought these cute toppers, along with a skull and a pumpkin, from A. Bel Emporium and was generous enough to give me one of each. As of now the skull and the pumpkin are content just as they are, but the witch and the cat begged to be made into something new. Above is what I came up with.


Banana-head Pancake said...

wow, those came out great!

Felicia said...

Happy Halloween :)

bencandance said...

Those are soooo cool! I love little vintage trinkets. :)