Monday, July 16, 2007

Molasses Update

I am so happy to report that Mo is doing much better today! By yesterday evening, she was so weak and tired she just slept and slept. We were unable to give her water, due to her being unable to keep it down, but she looked so dehydrated, that I would put just a few drops in her mouth every half hour or so. Throughout the night I would awake, making sure she was still okay, as she lay at the foot of the bed. This morning I awoke bright and early anxious to get her to the vets first thing. She still looked compleately drained, lying on the bed. But, miraculously about 45 minutes later, while I was still waiting for the vets office to open, she jumped out of bed, stretched, waged her tail, and galloped down the steps, anxious to start the day. I felt like I had just witnessed Lazarus' awakening. By the time we got her to the vets, she was looking the picture of health! What a relief, but what a mystery. The vet is as stumped as we are. More tests, and more meds, but for now we are doing good. And you can't ask for much more than that!

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