Sunday, July 15, 2007

Molasses Boodil

This is our beloved dog, Molasses Boodil, the greatest dog on the face of the planet. We call her Mo for short, along with apx. 100 other various nick-names, (including Silly Boodilly) and she answers to every one. On Halloween she enjoys dressing up as a pirate, or as her alter ego, Spike Plaploski. At Christmas she eagerly opens all of her presents, and will try to open everyone elses if she feels they are going too slowly. Molasses adores her toys, walks, car rides and most of all belly rubs. She has great disdain for cats, but is very gentle with all the wild bunnies that visit our yard. She knows an amazing array of tricks, and loves to be the center of attention, but is never annoying or pushy... not her style...she is one cool dog.

We got her when she was still a pup, seems like yesterday but it was 10 years ago already. She was a runaway, that the pound picked up one day as she was hiking down the road. Covered with ticks, and full of buck shot. Yep, someone actually shot her repeatedly with BB's. you can feel them under her skin, mostly on her back legs, but other places as well. an x-ray of her one paw shows a BB and the unset bone that healed from the wound, but left her paw to flip out a bit at a funny angle. Despite her early months, when she was on her own, she is a model of forgiveness, reminding me with her gentle disposition and big brown eyes of one of my favorite quotes, " Forgiveness is the sweet sent of the violet that still clings to the heel that crushed it."

Molasses has made us laugh, or brought our hearts to near bursting with love every single day since we were blessed with her. I am feeling at a loss because she keeps getting sick this last month and a half. And so far no one can figure out what is causing it. She will be fine and dandy for days or weeks even, then all of a sudden gets really sick, over and over. Tomorrow we will take her to the vets again, third time in 6 weeks. I hope the third time is the charm and they can figure out what is going on. And I pray that it isn't anything serious. I just want her to feel better, and to live forever... and to know how much I love her.


Rachel-Marie said...

awh, tell Mo that Elvira says
"Take it easy!"

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