Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Somerset Studio

Three pieces of my artwork were choosen to be included in the "Expressions" section of the current issue of Somerset Studio. (July/August 2007). Pictured along with my 3 pieces, ( which are the top two and the bottom right) is the artwork of Kristen Robinson, (bottom left). The theme for this issue was "Natured Preserved". It is always a thrill to see one's artwork published, and I encourage anyone who is interested to try submitting to some of the wonderful art and craft publications that are being published today! You can often find submission guidelines, and any current themes or challenges in the magazine itself, or go online to their web sites where the guidelines will be posted.

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Rachel-Marie said...

Hi Vicky! Congratulations again! =)
I'm going to put your blog on my links page right now. I love checking it!