Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Timeless Stripes and Plaids

Stripes and plaids, two classics that never go out of style. 
How could I resist wanting to weave some scarves up in both?

This first scarf was inspired by those simple, but oh, so wonderful vintage striped tea-towels. 
I fondly think of the ones that my mom had back in the 60's, when I was a little girl. I remember looking at them, how the threads criss-crossed, 
and how soft they were after multiple washings. 

... Perhaps that is where I first fell in love with textiles? 

Stripes have an elegant carefreeness about them. 
They have the ability to make anything look good, with very little effort.
(Heck, this striped scarf looked so pretty just hanging against my blue wall, 
I was tempted to leave it there!)

And how about those plaids...

This second scarf wasn't inspired by anything particular,

... just an adoration of plaids. 

With their endless design possibilities and color combinations, how could you not fall for them?

 I think I first fell in love with plaids back as a teenage girl, coveting, (and often taking) the soft flannel shirts of boyfriends. (The beauty and variety of men's flannel shirts have always been a million times better then the paltry few that they make for woman. And who can resist one that's been worn and washed over and over? A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.)

Plaids have both, an air of sophistication about them, 
as well as an everyman, blue-collar-ness about them, which really appeals to me. 

Both scarves are currently available in my shop.
For more information just click on the links below each photo...

PS. If you look closely at the vintage post card next to the scarf above, 
it says "A Happy Easter", 
which is what I wish for all of you who celebrate this Sunday.
And to everyone, 
A Happy Spring!


CitricSugar said...

Both of these are just so gorgeous! I'm trying to imagine how they feel in hand… Beautiful work.

Candied Fabrics said...

THese are lovely!I also love the light blue of your wall in some of the shots...Happy Easter to you my dear!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Sigh, just sigh...

Anonymous said...

Love those color combos, they look so soft and cozy....xox

La Antigua said...

I want to touch them, too. Beautiful work, as usual.

Esther said...

Just gorgeous!

Stephie said...

I think the mark of a truly creative person is to be able to see part of the person in everything they make, just like you can in your work. To me there seems such a strong connection in colour, texture and line between your weaving and your quilt-making that makes it so wonderful.

Happy Easter xx

Anna said...

Beautiful colours and super neat weaving, wonderful!

CaninesCouture said...

Gorgeous scarves. I want one of each, please! ;)


Jules of Canines & Couture

Anna said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love them! I have to hold myself back right now...but my birthday is coming up...