Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tie One On

I am a scarf person. Love to wear them. Love to make them. I adore their versatility, and how the right one can make even the most mundane outfit look pulled together. 

They are my absolute favorite thing to weave. 

Here you can see how all the various colors in the warp and weft dance about and intersect. 

After the cloth is off the loom, I always give it a good wash in the sink, usually with very hot, soapy water. It's an important step as it helps the weave to relax, full, bloom, and lock in place.
Woven cloth is never really finished until it has been washed.

Hemstitching the top and bottom edges by hand,
 and hand twisting the fringe makes for a nice, neat, and stable finish.

Words cannot adequately express the joy I feel weaving a piece of cloth. Suffice to say, it feels good!

This scarf is now available. For more info please go here. Hope to be making more very soon. 

By the way... I haven't abandoned quilting! 
In the process of stitching up some some scraps now, waiting to see what they will become!


Really enjoyed reading all the comments to my last post. Just want to clarify a couple of things...

Yes, children do need to be reminded that daydreaming isn't the best idea when school work or chores need to be done! It's important to know how to stay focused and on task. But let's keep in mind that kids today are often way over scheduled. We need to make sure that they also have unscheduled time... to play and create and daydream. If they learn how to plant and nurture their creative seeds at a young age, they will reap the fruit of a rich imagination their whole life long. 

Also, being true to your own creative urgings doesn't mean that you must not care at all what others think of what you do. It's normal to want validation and approval... and sort of necessary if you sell your creative creations. If no one likes what you make, it's a pretty tough sell! But don't let your desire to be validated by others dictate your creativity. 
Don't let it censor your ideas. 
Nurture your creativity like you would nurture your own child. 
Love it and feed it.
Encourage its uniqueness.
Send it out to play in the sun.
Have fun with it!


Michele said...

How beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful! Your ability to switch gears and learn so many additional ways of creative self expression amazes me! I just did a post on quilters ADD and I am doing everything in my power to not go up into the attic and search for a loom that I know for a fact is up there!!!! Dang, your weaving is so beautiful, though.....

patty a. said...

The scarf is so pretty!

Bobbie Casey said...

You weave, too. Wonderful.
I agree with what you say regarding daydreaming. I worked with young children for years. I feel it is my job to teach them to imagine something then act it out. . .pretend they were an elephant, for example. Some needed a picture to see or how big one might be, etc. Permission to daydream, when you are not supposed to be doing something else important, is truly a gift for some people who need it very badly.

Victoria said...

Bobbie, Amen. You sound like my kind of teacher.

Clare Wassermann said...

oh what wonderful words...I have listened to them. I love the colours in your beautiful scarf xx

Rumi said...

So lovely! I remember when I was a little child my grandmother taught me to weave. It was so funny.

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful! You have such a way of making things calm, yet interesting. Someone will LOVE this scarf!

Anna said...

I love the in-progress photo - it is so beautiful!

Gina said...

It is such a beautiful scarf

Anna said...

What a fabulous scarf! I agree heartily with your comments about children; many are so adult led and don't have the chance to express and amuse themselves from a young age.

VeeV said...

Love the scarf!!!
it's gorgeous!!
what kind of loom do you use??
it looks compact??

Victoria said...

Thanks to each of you. :)

VeeV, it's a 4-harness Artisat Leclerc jack floor loom. I posted about it here with a full picture of it:

Kim said...

Oh this is so much more beautiful in person, my girlfriend just loves it and it matches her suede jacket perfectly. Thanks for a gorgeous, unique, handmade gift to give.

Happy sewing and weaving

Victoria said...

Yay! So happy that you both are pleased, Kim!
Thanks for sharing!