Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pure Joy!!

I was deliriously happy when my dear friend Maggie surprised me with these two absolutely delightful additions to my plastic clothespin family! I was delighted to receive the green grannie, as I previously only had one grannie, which I wound up altering and making into a little art doll. I like my grannie angel doll, yet always regretted that I no longer had a "pure" and unaltered grannie, but now I do!!!

I just about went bonkers over the blue dog!!! I knew there was a dog as part of this series, as I saw it once in a book or on the web somewhere, but I had never seen one in any of my flea market searches. And the fact that it is blue! A new color to add to the group! Yippee!!!!

Thanks Maggie! I LOVE my two new old clothespins!!!

Below is a pic of my grannie clothespin doll, and below it is one I made from one of the girl clothspins.


tyesha said...

Those are awesome! If I see any I will pick them up for you. I'm a crazy thrift shopper.


Magdalen said...

I'm glad that you like them, Vicki!