Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Prized Fabric Finally Used

Another new pincushion! This one features a retro head on top of a wooded game piece. Looks like one of those bobbing head figures! Now that would be cool, a bobbing head pincushion! I'll have to work on that one. The fabric on this little cutie-pie is from my prized Junko Onishi prints. (It has taken me a long time to bring myself to cut into it!) I love this fabric. It features multiple prints including birds, shamrocks, checkerboard, diamond flowers, gourds, and polka dots!

I think I shall name this pincusion person Penelope. Look for her in my etsy shop sometime this week, along with a couple of other pincushions made from this wonderful fabric!

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tyesha said...

oh my. how wonderful!