Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I Still Love Shot Cottons

There was a while a few years back when I was exclusively only using shot cottons when making quilt tops. I adore them for their simple and unpretentious beauty. The way depth and richness is achieved simply by weaving one color for the weft and another for the warp. 

It's a marriage of color that produces its first offspring in that third created color, along with siblings born from the other shades achieved simply by the angle of the cloth and how the light hits it. 

What is not to love?

Somewhere along the line though, I pretty much stopped buying commercial fabrics, preferring to be a bit more thrifty and eco-conscious and use cloth cut from old clothing or vintage textiles. 

And because I loved my shot cottons so much, I stopped using them... odd how that works. Like having Grandma's beautiful old china but never using it.

Well, enough of that nonsense. 
I'm breaking into that stash and I'm going to use it up. 
Here are my first offerings, three improv quilts with freeform Baptist Fan quilting. 

It feels good to use what we find beautiful.

For more info/details on each quilt, or to check availability, please click on the links under the quilts.



Quiltdivajulie said...

GOOD FOR YOU for using what you have on hand especially since they are fabrics you love. Beautiful pieces (and excellent photos, as always).

Ziggyseamstress said...

Absolutely, positively beautiful. And kudos for opting for thrifted materials.

sew katie did said...

All stunning. I love the texture shot cotton adds too.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

These are all wonderful and good that the dog likes them too. The setting is great too - it looks like an art gallery.

Clare Wassermann said...

Excellent idea. I followed you all through that time and bought some my own under your influence. Although I have stopped quilting I may reopen that avenue. I also am trying to just use up my resources in both paint and fabric and not buy much more. I’m sure I have enough for my forever!