Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cover Girl

I love a happy surprise and last week I got a wonderful one when I received the news that some of my stitch work had been picked to grace the cover of the new 

Pretty cool, yes?! But wait... what exactly are those? 

Well, glad you asked... I call them"Objects of Comfort", 
(which I actually started stitching before I began my "Objects of Curiosity" 
pieces that I've been sharing in some previous posts here on the blog .)

And what exactly is an "Object of Comfort" you may ask? 

Well, for me it was the idea of taking certain things that I have collected over the years and am attracted to; such as shells, beads & buttons, and marrying them together with bits of lovely fabric and hand stitching. And in doing so I found that these little talismans had been created, 
each made of some things that are soothing and familiar to me, 
and that I can now hold in my hand or stick in my pocket...

The idea first planted in my mind several years back while walking the beach in Cape May, NJ, 
(a place that holds special meaning to my family) 
when I came upon a large amount of beautiful broken hard clam shell fragments, 
(such as that quahog shell above with it's pretty touch of purple). 
I collected a bucket full, attracted to the soft pale colors, and their ocean smoothed edges, 
knowing that someday, somehow, I would select some to adorn with fabrics and threads.

And a few months ago the "somehow" finally came to me and I set to work making them, 
finding the whole process and the resulting finished talismans very comforting... hence the name.

Once some of them were were made I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook, where they were spotted by Quilting Arts who then invited me to write an article about them... 

Little did I know that they would wind up on the cover, and I gotta say it's really nice feeling
 and a very happy uplift to this long cold winter, (that I admit is taking a toll on my mood)!

Here's a pic above of all of them together and showing the front side of them...

And here's a pick of their backsides.

Last but not least... if you would like to learn how to make your own, 
check out the issue and find out how!



Diane J. Evans said...

May I be the first to congratulate you on this wonderful achievement?! How exciting is this?! And so well deserved, Victoria -- these are precious gems of art. I plan to get out and pick up a copy of this issue as soon as I can. yay, you!!


Jacqueline said...

Congrats on being published and on the front cover no less!

Marty Mason said...

Wonderful that you and yours are being spotlighted. Your imagination and talent make me do a happy dance and you oh, so deserve top billing. Can't wait to get this issue in my hands.

Gina said...

Well done on being featured, they are really beautiful. Objects to treasure.

Quiltdivajulie said...

WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations for sharing such meaningful items AND for their presence on the magazine's cover!

Wendy said...

oh wow, these are just fabulous, they look so tactile (can something LOOK tactile?). Congratulations on being the cover star!

lorrwill said...

You go girl! This is well deserved. Your work is so creative and original and never fails to inspire. Well done.

Linda said...

Yesterday I got my mail and there was Quilting Arts. When I saw the cover picture I thought I recognized the work! When I read the name, I knew I knew your work. I follow your blog and love your style! Congratulations!!! Linda S Pewaukee WI

Kathy said...

This is fantastic! Congrats!

patty a. said...

Congratulations! I know it has to feel great to have your work recognized and published.

Kathleen Scott said...

Congratulations! These are truly beautiful... will look for the issue as I would love to try this with some of my own objects.

Gayle from MI said...

I was so happy to see your work on the cover of Quilting Arts! I ahve been following you ever since I found your wonderfully easy way of facing a small art quilt on the internet! Fun to see you in the spot light!

Victoria said...

Deep thanks and much appreciation to each of you for your kind comments and for your truly kind support. Means a great deal. xo

XUE said...

So happy & so proud of you, Vic!