Thursday, November 2, 2017

Objects of Curiosity: Exhibits B, C & D

Continuing on with my "Objects of Curiosity" series 
that began with my last post
Above are "Exhibits C & D" but I am getting ahead of myself, 
so let's start below with "Exhibit B"...

 Another bottle is Exhibit B.
This one is clear and rectangular though.

Vintage and thrifted.

Covered in cloth and stitch.

With those porthole openings to see in, 
(or out, depending on your size).

And now onto Exhibits C & D...

A found stick and river rock.
Also covered in cloth and stitch. 
(Because that is part of the purpose, yes?)
... In a hopes of making the ordinary not so ordinary.

Because it never really was, was it? 
(Ordinary, that is.)



The Inside Stori said...

C & D…..what can I say…..I’m over the moon viewing them……absolutely fabulous!

patty a. said...

Very interesting and time consuming. Your stitching does elevate the ordinary to extraordinary!

iHanna said...

This is so cool!

Debbie said...

Love C and D, beautiful work

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful! You have achieved your goal of making the ordinary extraordinary. Your work always make me slow down and really look into it. There I find calmness and wonder at the natural world.

Anonymous said...

Simply marvelous, I see a show in the making. xox

Diane J. Evans said...

Oh, my, yes -- this is the beginning of a gallery show!


Victoria said...

Thanks so very much to each of you. Doing something like this can feel a wee bit intimidating, wondering how it will be received... and yet the need to do it out weights the worry. However, knowing that it does resonate with others on some level means a lot to me, and I very much appreciate your kind feedback. Will be posting "Exhibits, E, F and G" soon. xo

Kathy said...

Absolutely stunning! I keep wondering how you do it though. Especially the rock. It's fitted so smoothly with seemingly one piece of fabric. Looking forward to more.

Victoria said...

Thank you, Kathy. And I'm happy to hear that it makes you wonder, as that is part of the curious!
(And yes you are correct, the fabric on the rock is one piece of fabric.)

Janie said...

You've got a good eye and hand for beautiful embroidery/ stitching, Victoria.

Victoria said...

Thank you, Janie!