Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Days

Throughout the summer I have been continuing my explorations in painting. (Yes, I am still quilting... have one in the machine right now!) I've moved away from the little illustrations shown in my last post to explore abstract painting, and I am finding it to be most enjoyable. I think in part because my mind isn't as critical when working abstractly, (which is probably why I like  improve quilting so much.) I'm working small, as that seems to be what I find most comfortable, but eventually I may go a bit bigger, time will tell. Here's a few more...

"Untitled" Acrylic on Hardboard

PS. When I get a free day to play around, I'm thinking about maybe uploading some pics of these paintings to Spoonflower to see how they might look as fabric!


Quiltdivajulie said...

These are exquisite - and I really like the idea of seeing how they play as Spoonflower fabric.

margaret said...

these are haunting if you know what I man so beautiful in some ways reminds me of Monet and yes would make wonderful fabrics.

Victoria said...

Thank you, Julie! I'm curious how they'd look as fabric... thinking kinda like Moda Grunge on steriods!

Victoria said...

Thanks you so much, Margaret, what a lovely compliment!

Nifty Quilts said...

These are beautiful. It's fun to see the final product. I remember seeing the process on IG. I'm not looking at IG these days--too many images for my brain--so I'm glad you're still posting here.

Victoria said...

Thank you, LeeAnn. I'll miss you on IG, but I understand. I feel that way about Facebook... just too much coming at me. And yes, I am still posting here, but I admit, IG makes it so quick and easy, I've sorely neglected this little blog. Hoping to seriously start giving it a bit more TLC, as I do miss tending to it.

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