Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy International Quilting Weekend!

Did you know that this Saturday, March 19th is the 25th anniversary of National Quilt Day? To celebrate I will be attending a lecture  given by quilter and author Sarah Fielke and hosted by the newly formed Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild, (Yay! We finally have one!) 
(And for the record, I had nothing to do with helping to form it... way too easily overwhelmed and scattered to ever even attempt such a feet. Kudos to those that rose to the occasion!) 

I've also gotten an early start to celebrating by being the guest lecturer for the Spring City, PA Loose Threads Quilt Guild's 25th anniversary, and gave a trunk show at their annual tea. 
I shared 26 of my quilts up close and in person while discussing their inspiration and encourage everyone to look for their own personal inspiration sources. 
It was a great day! 
Below are some of the little Moo business cards I had printed up for the occasion. Some show my quilt work while others show my local photography of the old barns,  
which of course give me constant inspiration!

And, I also attended the Lancaster AQS Quilt Show which is still going on through the 19th, 
so if you are in the area, you may want to check it out. 

Now, of course with all of these quilt celebrations going on, I've got some new work to share, 
(sneak peek in that top photo). 
But first I've got this little fun announcement...

In honor of it being International Quilting Weekend, the renown hosts of The Quilt Show, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims have asked me to join with them and other quilt bloggers, to let all of you know that they are opening their doors to all quilters this weekend, giving free access to The Quilt Show, where you can watch their quilt shows this weekend non-stop! (And that's over 200 shows!!)

Along with that they are also having a CONTEST with over $11,000 worth of prizes, including the grand prize of a Bernina 570QE! Just click on that contest link above to enter!
(But first check out my new quilts below!)

Okay, and now for the new quilts...

This may look familiar as it's a quilt top that I pieced way back in 2012, but never quilted. It's very rare for me to not finish a quilt before moving onto the next. (I gather that's a little unusual in the quilt world, yes?) My intention at the time of piecing was to machine and hand quilt it just like it's sister quilt, "9 Patch Quilt in Red and White" seen below.

But I just didn't have it in me at the time to commit to all of that hand quilting, due to the hand pain which was just starting to be a real problem around the time this was made. 
And while I can now once again hand quilt on a small scale, (yay!) I don't think I am quite yet ready to tackle anything past the small size. 

So, I finally made up my mind to pull her out of storage and quilt her up. I was tired of letting her languish, waiting for me to hand quilt her when all she really wanted was to be quilted.
I decided to just go with texture and did a large all over stipple. 

And hey! Sister and brother Modern Quilters, listen up please... stop disparaging the stipple! 
Yes, it was over done, but at this point so is matchstick quilting. 
However, both are worthy of doing if that is what the quilt calls for and you enjoy doing it!

So happy to have "9 Patch Cross Quilt in Green" finally done!! It was inspired by the greens in the  farm fields. The one red strip was added because I like a little happy and unexpected something and it reminds me of the low, long barn that belongs to the farm behind my house.

Here she is with the golden morning sun shining on her... love that texture!

Last but not least, here is the newest quilt that I've made...

This one is called "Off-Kilter". In a previous blog post I talked about gathering quilt inspiration from the sad dismantling of barnes... when all that is left are the beams, (which I call the bones.) This quilt takes similar inspiration, but at an earlier stage... where just one wall is missing, (and there is still time to save the barn!) At this stage, I can peak in and see all the off-kilter odd angles of the barn's interior along with it's contents, 
(which more often then not is a compilation of rusty old farm machinery.)

This quilt is pieced from various shot cottons, cross weaves and chambrays, 
and quilted with improvised meandering waves, 
reminiscent of the rolling hills and newly plowed fields.

So there you have it... all in celebration of National Quilt Day and International Quilting Weekend!
Don't forget to enter The Quilt Show's contest 
and enjoy watching those 200 + free quilt shows this weekend!

Happy Quilting! 


The Inside Stori said...

Inspiring post as usual… everything you do! And YES……so who gave Modern Quilters the go ahead to dictate how quilts are to be quilted!!! There’s room for every kind of quilter….heck, the quilt world made room for the Modern Quilters didn’t we?!?

dolores said...

That's exciting getting a mqg nearby! I was going to go to Lancaster this weekend but alas I took a tumble and whacked my ankle and knee!!👎
You inspire me all the time...when I think of my fav fiber artist you are always at the top of my list!!

Sandi said...

Love your green quilt, missed the pop of red until I saw it quilted. Sometimes things need time to age for inspiration.

Congrats on the new guild, Happy Quiling day!

Camilla said...

Lovey to see another post from you appear in my feed. I always enjoy your work. The simple shapes made up of subtle detail are always inspiring.

Diane J. Evans said...

Good to read your posts again! Great work on finishing those great quilts -- you must have been inspired. Thanks for all the wonderful info on Quilt Weekend, too!


myrtovl said...

Nice work, thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

Thanks so much to each of you. I always deeply appreciate your kind words and am grateful that you stop by to visit, especially since I am not actively posting much these days on this dear old blog of mine. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your quilts!! Be still my beating heart...they are stunning!
Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Beautiful work! By the way, I *love* your stippling on that green 9-patch!

Jenny M said...

Stunning quilts as always. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & inspiration for your quilts. I have recently joined the Melbourne Modern quilt's great to see younger women joining in the family of quilt lovers.....whether ones interest is modern, improv or traditional, we are all part of a common interest.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Nine Patch Green Quilt is stunning -- especially in that natural light! Kudos!

Betty C said...

I love all your quilts. Your tutorials are very nice too. I agree with you that people should not be critical of the stipple. That is being very narrow minded of them. Different strokes for different folks. It's all good!