Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tobacco Road Quilt

"Tobacco Road" is the 3rd completed quilt in my "Lancaster County" series.

Just like the two before it, (see here and here) it takes its name from a local road, and it reflects my personal impressions of the shapes, colors and mood of this wonderful area.

Made from some cotton prints and assorted shot cottons, including some wonderful chambrays from Andover Fabrics, which are my currant favorite fabrics right now.

On all of the quilts in this series so far, I've included the exposed seams of some of the woven chambrays, as I think they are just too lovely to cover up.

I adore the subtle color changes, and the tiny flaws and imperfections, 
like that little area in the mid-upper right, along that blue selvedge shown in the photo below... 

I'm embracing these parts as they help reflect so tenderly the mood that I am trying to convey.

I bound the quilt with a pretty striped fabric.
It was an afterthought, once the quilt was completed, pulled from stash.
Much to my delight it reflects many of the colors used in the quilt's patchwork.

More details of my Tobacco Road quilt can be found here.



Anonymous said...

Love this quilting, the shot cottons, and the choice to expose those raw edges!
Linda W.

barbara woods said...

love your quilting on this quilt

Nifty Quilts said...

Very nice!

Bernie Kringel said...

One of the many reasons I read your blog is to learn from you about use of color. Your eye for balancing the colors is wonderful. This piece exudes calm. It is lovely.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Bernie really know how to use colors. A Very nice quilt!

Victoria said...

Thanks to each of you, and to Bernie and Margreth, a special extra thank you. Color is funny, because if you were to give me paints, I would be at a loss to use them in an attractive way... I just don't see the color relationship when using paint. However, with fabric, it all clicks. Go figure.

Stephie said...

I'm not sure why I haven't left a comment yet Victoria, but I absolutely love these. "Tender" is the perfect word. I really feel your tenderness for the colours and textures, it's wonderful :)