Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brunners Grove Quilt

Here's the second quilt in my new "Lancaster County" series. I just finished this one yesterday and am very happy with it. As with the first one, I took the name from a local road. 
We've got some great road names around here that just seem so fitting.

More wonky shapes to reflect my love affair with all the misshapen old barns.
(I wish I could save them all... so many of my favorites have been lost over just the last few years.)

And letting the rolling hills and the plowed fields inspire my quilting has been great fun.

More details can be found here.



Anonymous said...

So soothing. Lovely work. xox

Jayne said...

What a gorgeous quilt! The quilting is amazing and is so fitting for both the name and the quilt !

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

I'm enjoying your Lancaster series quilts Vicki! The plowed fields quilting really gives this quilt a lot of interest and textures! It's such a shame with all of the old barns being taken down making way for new business and housing developments. An old farm was just sold in back of my house to make way for over 200 houses! It breaks my heart; that farm was a subject of a lot of my photographs.

Annemieke said...

Beautiful quilt, both your design and the quilting.

Jenny M said...

Such an interesting idea that you have used the old barns and fields for inspiration for your Lancaster quilt series. It is such a shame that the old barns are not being saved, but the upkeep of these buildings must be an issue for the owners I suppose.
I have mentioned before that 4 girlfriends & I visited Lancaster County back in 2011, so your Lancaster quilt series has prompted me to go back thru my photos of our short time spent there.
I had taken a lot of photos of the beautiful farms in the area, with the white homes and some had red barns, but sadly I didn't come across any old barns. I also took photos of the signs on the side of the roads, such as 'Woodworking, Martin Houses and bird feeders' that were for sale, with a beautiful display of the Martin houses, and many of the farms had their signs out for their fresh produce.
Such a beautiful area that you live in. from Jenny (Australia)

Sharon - IN said...

Great quilting. I can see the hills and plowed field of PA.

Victoria said...

Thanks to each of yo for your kind comments and words!

Jenny, sorry you didn't see any of the old barns... seems to depend on which part of Lancaster County you are in. I am in the northern section, and the old barns are a dime a dozen here. We have our share of red barns, but also many white barns, brown wood barns, gray barns with all the paint peeled off, and some stone and stucco barns as well. I tend to post my barn photos on my Instagram account, (link can be found on my sidebar) if you are interested in seeing photos of any.