Friday, May 3, 2013

Just for Fun

Just for fun, I thought I'd try my hand at spinning some rag-yarn.

I cut thin, long strips of fabric, and using a drop spindle, spun them as tightly as I could.

The result is something similar to twine, but texturally and visually, much more interesting.

I love the look and feel of it!

By the time I was done, I had a sweet little ball containing 50 yards of 1/8" rag yarn, which I can weave or crochet with, (I'd like to add knit with, too, but sigh, despite my attempts at friendship, knitting and I have never successfully hit it off).

Here's a little sample on the loom. It's a lot like just weaving with rags (long cut up strips of fabric that are pre-folded and ironed, or simply inserted flat in the open weaving shaft and pushed down by the beat of the heddle) however, their seems to be a nicer consistency and uniformity with spinning the rag strips first. And even though spinning is another step, it's also another chance to touch every inch of the work, to connect, to meditate, to contemplate, to slow down... all good stuff!

And here's a another scarf that I recently wove. 

Umm, excuse me, but what is up with all these Autumn looking colors in the middle of glorious Spring? I truly have no idea why I seem to be creating from this color palette!

Who knew that when I picked this Spring inspired lime green, and paired it with a lovely deep fuchsia, 

that the combined marriage of the two would result in such a Fall looking scarf?
Color is a never ending mystery, wonder and thrill!

Another thrill is how something so basic as plain weave, (over one, under one) can result in something that looks far more complex, 

                      Simply due to how each yarn of each color is placed in the warp and the weft.

For more information on this scarf, please see here.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!!


Brenda said...

this is great! I love the spinning, and the blending of colours.

Michele T said...

Love it!! The textures and colours are amazing! One day I will have to learn how to weave!!

em's scrapbag said...

That is way cool!

Stephie said...

You're so talented Victoria! Spinning with a drop spindle?! I've just been watching Peruvian spinners and weavers working this technique and was in awe at how simple they made it look, knowing full well how much skill you must have to have!

And your latest scarf is beautiful, really beautiful :) x

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Oh my goodness you make delicious things!!!

Jenny M said...

Beautiful textures in your ball of rag yarn...who would of thought it could look so good?
And wow, the colours of your scarf are glorious!

Annie said...

Absolutely beautiful...I love the wonders of colour too.

sajuki said...

great !
Greetings from Poland :)

Nifty Quilts said...

Just catching up on your doin's. Your scarves make me gasp, they're so beautiful! You're giving me a new appreciation for woven works. Happy 50!

meli B said...

Your spun fabric is brilliant. My husband made me give away my spinning wheel when we moved house. My loom is hiding in my brother's basement. Sigh! One day, when the kids move out.......
What can I say? - Love your work.

Cheryl Arkison said...

That spun fabric is intensely beautiful!

sallgood said...

Love the rag yarn, and love the scarf! If you think about how red and green paint make brown-the same thing kinda happens when you mix the two yarns. Like the way colors blend in an impressionistic painting.

Really love the scarf, whatever season it looks like! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Haven't been here in awhile... the weaving is really something! I think that chartreuse is a VERY spring color, BTW... and the rag-yarn is amazing...

I am a member of the 'Knitting in Place Club' -- you know? where you knit four rows, rip out three, knit two rows, rip out two... or where you knit a front/back/one sleeve of a sweater and that's it?