Friday, January 18, 2013

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Blog Tour

 Did you know that January 24th is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day? Well it is! And to kick off the event a Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Blog Tour has been put together, by the good folks over at  The Fabric Shop Network, who are spearheading this worldwide event. You can even win prizes, such as a new Brother sewing machine, and a $500 quilt shop gift certificate!

When I was contacted a few weeks ago by them, asking if I would participate in the blog tour, I said I would be happy to do so, as it gives me a chance to show you one of my favorite local quilt shops, Burkholder's Fabrics.

Located in Northern Lancaster County, PA, and situated on a working farm, it is just a mere 5 minutes away from my house... lucky me! Burkholder's attracts quilters from far and near, and it's not unusual to see tour buses pull into the parking lot, filled with eager quilters all ready to shop, as the selection is great and so are the prices. As with all good quilt shops, the inside is a visual treat of color and pattern... none of which I am going to show you, (that would be too expected)! Instead, I want to show you the outside surroundings... 

The first thing I do when I arrive at Burkholder's is to soak in the surrounding scenery, as it is just so pretty. Above are some old barns nestled along a creek.

And, here's a swan that I found just sitting in the field.

But this is my favorite part... look closely between the fence and the pond. Do you see them?

Deer! Yes, Burkholder's has deer, and the deer, safe from the hunters, have lots of room to wander, fields to graze and a creek to drink from, which makes the deer very happy... 

so happy that they will wander over to you!

And they will ask you for a kiss!

And then a scratch behind the ears!

Well, that concludes my little outside tour of one of my favorite local quilt shops. To check out what they have inside please visit there web site: Burkholder Fabrics, where you can also shop online. (Sign up for there email, as they offer regular discounts.) And, if you are ever in Lancaster County, PA, don't forget to stop, shop, and say "Hi" to the deer!

And, if you ever are in this neck of the woods, another great local quilt shop is Sauder Fabrics, also chock full of wonderful fabrics and super prices!

Please remember  to visit and support your local quilt shop this January 24th! And don't forget to visit for a complete list of other participating blogs in this weekend's
Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Blog Tour. (Posts will be going up today, Saturday and Sunday).

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anna said...

I didn't realize you live so close to me...I live SE of Reading and drive through Denver on the way to my in-laws in Lititz. Sounds like I definitely need to stop at Burkholder's!

Victoria said...

Anna, Oh, yes, if you haven't been, you must stop there... full of great fabric! Sauder Fabrics is another great local shop, off of 272 near Adamstown. I will add a link to thier shop at the bottom of the post.

Cheryl Arkison said...

How loverly. There is something special that makes a shop a destination for more than the fabric.

9patchnurse said...

Oh my gosh! Burkholder's is my favorite shop and I was just there on Tuesday! I had my cart packed with bolts and told my friend that I needed an intervention. I don't know what I'd do if I lived closer. I think I'd be in big big trouble, lol. And the young deer are so precious and fuzzy this time of year.

Kathie said...

this is one of my favorite shops too! I travel 2.5 hrs to get there but worth it!!!!
love the deer too, I have pictures of the babies there this past year!

Victoria said...

Anna, 9Patchnurse and Kathie... my goodness! What a small world! We should all have a meet and great there someday. (I am sure the deer will be thrilled to see us all!!)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I've actually been to both those quilt shops! In April, 2006, when I came for the Lancaster shows. I love seeing someplace I know. And have spent money. LOL

Angie @ said...

Truly my favorite, it is about an hour away from me, but worth the outing for their large selection! Great LQS :)

Seija Wahlman said...

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