Monday, November 30, 2009

The Silly BooDilly - Huge Holiday Sale!!

~ All items in my Silly BooDilly Etsy shop are now on sale for the holidays!

~ 30% OFF the listed price for each and every item in the shop!

~ (Difference will be refunded via Paypal once payment has been received.)

~ Note: This is a one time sale that will continue throughout the month of December. Any items left will be removed from my shop sometime in the beginning of the new year, (once I have new items to post). I am ready for a new look and direction. There are some great savings to be had here, so if you ever wanted one of my pieces... now is the time to buy!!

~ P.S. Thank you for indulging this self promotion!


Allie said...

What a great sale!!!!!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! 30% off is quite a saving! Very generous of you. It must be the Christmas spirit :)

Happy sales Vic! I really like the colourful shop mosaic. How gorgeous! I'm excited about your new look and direction. Although your current one is rather fab!!!

Fer said...


Amy C said...

I love the photo mosaic of all of your awesome work.