Saturday, July 5, 2008

DogStar, Diagrams, and Doll Parts

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Our 4th was a rainy one, but some people still got out and about for Lancaster's First Friday event. I spent the evening with friends and family and other nice folks at DogStar Books for the opening of our art show, (previously posted about here).

Several of us sold some work, (Yay!) and I decided to treat myself to a set of medical text books from 1904 with amazing illustrations!

Forgive me if this is not your thing, (my hubby doesn't get why I would want these) but I have always been attracted to medical illustrations, and am thrilled with my purchase! (Thanks Brian for giving me a good deal!)

And here is today's "BooDilly's Daily Dilly" featured sale item... VINTAGE BISQUE DOLL PARTS:

Great for assemblage and altered art!

Remember, if you buy these Vintage Bisque Doll Parts from my BooDilly's Shop today, July 5th 2008, I will refund you via PayPal, 10% of your purchase price for this item, plus 10% of your shipping price for this item! All you have to do, is after your purchase, leave a message either in the comment section here or through Etsy, to let me know you saw it here! This offer is only good for today! Check back tomorrow for another "BooDilly's Daily Dilly" special!


Anonymous said...

Great job Vicki! =) I'm happy for you and your haggled books! They are lucky to go to such a good home.

Oh - and I wanted to mention... Re: our conversation earlier... Blogging every night is hard sometimes, but I've been learning so many new things from it through comments and my search for daily inspiration! It's been a wonderful experience.

I love reading your daily inspirations as well! I think it has been pushing me in new directions, connecting with new people.

Victoria said...

Thanks Rachel!
You inspire me! Not only do you have a very successful etsy shop, you now have a second one, (which helped me take the plunge, too!) plus your blog posts, flicker posts, homemade recycled fused plastic-bag packaging, (I am saving bread bags for you!) AND being an awesome mom! WOW! You are something girl, and you have inspired me to try somethings that I may never had tried before!

Jackie said...

I am amazed that you have made so many posts since I last looked. Have you been blogging every day for a long time or just recently?
I did it almost every day at first but I had to calm down and ease off a bit becasue I don't always have time or subject!

Victoria said...

Hi Jackie, I am blogging everyday this month to help promote my newest etsy shop, BooDilly's. When August rolls around, I do believe I will go back to several posts a week instead of everyday!

Jen said...

ooh, kind of creepy, but kind of funky illustruations. cool choice for a reward

High Desert Diva said...

Looooove the medical books! Good goin'.

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on the sales at the art show. Woohoo! And, you've had fun spending the cash already. Good for you! That broken doll is kind of scaring me!

Hey Harriet said...

Your blog is doing weird things. Firstly I couldn't access it. Then finally could & tried to leave a comment & then it said 'unable to process your comment, try again in 30 seconds' ...weird. Could be my end though.

Oh well, here goes. Take 2!

Congrats on your sales at the art show. Cool to see you've had fun spending your earnings already. Good for you! That broken doll is kind of scaring me! fingers crossed this works

Hey Harriet said...


First comment worked after all!


Victoria said...

Hey Harriet! Sorry that the blog was giving you troubles, I have had a few other comments lately telling me the same thing. Not sure what is up, but I appreciate the info.

And also sorry the doll is scaring you! I got it in the hopes of using her (or parts of her) in some altered art/assemblage projects, but never got around to it, hoping someone else can use her!

My last couple of blog posts have been a bit on the macabre side, I promise to post cheerier images tomorrow!

SandraRee said...

I love any kind of medical book! Those illustrations are great! The doll reminds me of what we did to our very first Barbie dolls back in the early 60's...what I wouldn't do to have one of those now! :)

Karen said...

Hey!! Happy belated 4th of July!! So glad you had a good one.
I'm sorry..............but that doll IS kind of freaky!!

Karen said...

forgot to say, I am back and intend to post my blog (and you!!!) VERY soon!!

Victoria said...

Sandra, I hear you!
I preformed some awful acts of cruelty upon my dolls as a kid, and my mother still hasn't forgiven me, (knowing what they would all be worth today!)

Victoria said...

Karen, you're a sweetie!
I hope you had a great time!!
Look forward to reading all about it!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Here's to buying sweet deals with art sale earnings!

Anonymous said...

Those illustrations are amazing. I see the attraction!