Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Indigo Blue Cross Quilts with a Facing Finish

Here are the two little cross quilts that I made from Candy's hand dyed indigo blue fabrics...

Indigo Blue Cross Quilt No. 1
15" x 15"

Indigo Blue Cross Quilt No. 2
16" x 17"

As you can see, there is no visible binding on either quilt.

That's because each was finished using a facing method, which basically is where you sew a binding on, but roll it all the way to the backside, so no binding is visible on the front.

This allows the quilting to go all the way to the perimeter and creates a nice smooth edge. I feel that it can give a small quilt a more professional, artful look and presentation. 

There are various ways to face a quilt and you can find lots of tutorials on-line, some more complicated then others. In my next post I will show you how I like to do it, 
which is super-duper easy! 
See you then!


  1. Oh boy! I'd love to see an easy way to do a facing. I've never done it before because the method I know is a bit daunting.

  2. Your quilts are gorgeous. I especially like the quilting on the second one.

  3. Oh yes it is just a lovely finish to these little works of art.
    I look forward to learning the secret :0).

    Happy Sewing

  4. How interesting. I just completed a quilt that I used a facing finish. Yours are wonderful.


  5. Those blues are beautiful! I love how the quilts are similar but not the same. I haven't faced a quilt in a while so I'll enjoy seeing your method :)

  6. Gorgeous. I'd like to know your method!

  7. I love facing my quilts!! I love the fact that there is no visual border! Like some paintings are better without a frame. Love your indigo pieces.

  8. You have a way of making the subtle extraordinary. Great quilts in the last two posts! Love those parcheesi colors. It opens my mind to other inspirations. Thanks!

  9. Oh Vic, you're just so prolific it's incredible! I love these cross quilts you've made (especially like the indigo one with the straight line quilting and folk art cross quilt no 2 - red one below). You really know how to take a piece of fabric and turn it into something special. Always in awe :) x

  10. These pieces are beautiful! I face all my art type pieces. I find as long as you carefully trim the corners and press the facing toward the back, it is an easy way to finish off a piece.

  11. Beautiful yet again!! I've never seen that binding technique before and look forward to reading your tutorial ... the one on p(b)ojagi is the best out there.

  12. These are beautiful! Simple, elegant, and eye-catching.