Friday, May 29, 2009


Irma - (Old German for "Noble Person")
... (and twin sister to Alfred)

Enjoys blueberry picking and tea parties.
Likes writing short stories.
Hopes to be a librarian someday.
Wants to know what the ocean smells like.

Irma, her brother Alfred and some of their other school pals are currently available in my Silly BooDilly shop.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness if she had brown hair that is my Mom. She is Irma with German heritage! :o)

Jackie said...

Oh please let someone buy her who lives at the seaside!

Hey Harriet said...

I think you'll need to take sweet little Irma on a trip to the beach so she can smell the ocean. Quickly, before she is snapped up by somebody who may reside in the desert! Irma is lovely and I'd be very keen to read some of her short stories! A very happy weekend to you Vic! xo

Minka's Studio said...

Irma is great! I hope you keep making these. They are wonderful!

addictivecreative said...

Hi! You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award because I love your charming photos and lovely way of talking about your work. Check out my blog to see, congratulations! :)

Persimmons Gal said...

Amazing!!! Love it.

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